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Taliban not a big threat as India for PAK

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As per a survey, more than three-fifths of Pakistanis consider India as their biggest enemy than the Taliban and al-Qaida whereas in India almost six-in-ten Indians have an unfavourable opinion against Pakistan.

With a slight improvement around from the last year data, 22% of people of Pakistan support a favourable view of India, last year it was just 14%. When quizzed regarding the biggest threat to their country 59% Pakistanis named India rather than the Taliban or al-Qaida.

As per the survey Pakistanis have consistently identified India as the biggest threat to their country when the survey was first conducted in the year 2009. Since then the percentage of people considering India as the top threat has grown by 11 points whereas the percentage naming Taliban has reduced by 9 points. However despite of the negative sentiments of the Pakistanis, nearly 62% PAK citizen support the fact to improve relations with India. Not only this two third of the Pakistanis are in favour of having more bilateral trade and talks in order to reduce tensions between the two neighbouring nations, the survey results said.

For the Indian citizens, most of them want to have better relations with Pakistan which include more trade and talks between the two nations. But still the attitude of the most of the Indians towards its neighbouring country Pakistan is still largely negative. However India is not the only country where negative views of Pakistan prevail. Most of the countries give Pakistan a negative rating. The countries that posses negative views for Pakistan are America, Britain and Germany to name a few. However not only Pakistan, other Muslim countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Afghanistan etc are seen with negative sentiments.

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