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Anna Hazare answers all tough questions on the latest happenings of the India Against Corruption campaign

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The anti corruption campaign that seemed like equaling some of the most successful and invigorating mass movements in the country's history has suddenly become a sorry state of affairs. As the month of September closed, Anna Hazare issues a statement that has virtually blanketed out any chances of any reconciliation happening between him and the now politically motivated Arvind Kejriwal. Anna Hazare did not mince words and commented that Arvind Kejriwal had wrecked the strong anti-corruption campaign to pursue his political desires.

In his blog, Anna has repeatedly put forth the thought that he is not associated with the political project being led by Arvind Kejriwal in any way, and that the same had been initiated in utter violation of and disregard to his wishes. Anna has also repeatedly asked his supporters not to associate themselves in any way to the political movement. He categorically separated himself from the political charge up where people were, according to him, trying to use his name with the political project unwarrantedly.

Anna's blog has now made it very clear that there is no possibility of this veteran agitator continuing with Kejriwal, and this is in spite of the latter's repeated efforts to keep Anna Hazare involved in the latest happenings and media briefings. Arvind Kejriwal was obviously perturbed with Anna's open alienation from his political project, but maintained that his comrades and he would have Anna's blessings. Anna wrote on his blog that although Kejriwal's supporters were saying that they'd not continue with the political project if Anna wanted so, they were not actually doing it despite Anna making his wishes very clear. "This," wrote Anna, "is very wrong." When asked to comment on Anna's blog text, Kejriwal's comrades preferred withholding comments.

Accusations and suggestions that Anna could himself have some latent political motivations that could surface out in the time to come have been made. There were claims that Anna had met Baba Ramdev and a few pro-RSS representatives before sternly announcing his firm disassociation from Kejriwal's political efforts. However, Anna was again very clear in his words, commenting that the anti corruption movement had suffered because one faction wanted to take the electoral route. He said that he'd never do the same, and still work whole heartedly to get the Lokpal Bill passed before the Lok Sabha elections in 2014.

Another issue that has been popping up is regarding the collection and usage of funds. Anna has candidly put light on this, and has remarked that all fund collection that happened at Ramlila Maidan and Jantar Mantar was with India Against Corruption, and not even a single penny had been kept by him. The veteran agitator also mentioned that he would again collect funds to start up an office in New Delhi. Anna said he would need an office to make the movement stronger and grow till it achieved its purpose.

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