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2G Scam: Chidambaram pardoned, government relieved

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Last Saturday, the special trial held in the 2G Spectrum Case in the Supreme Court discharged the Union Home Minister, P. Chidambaram. The trial was held on the demands of Subramanian Swamy's president of the Janata Party.

Swamy accused the Home Minsiters for purportedly scheming with the former Telecom Minister A Raja in unlawful distribution of mobile spectrum and licenses. As P. Chidambaram emerged out untainted the government heaved a huge sigh of relief.

"There are no concrete evidences that can be used to charge P Chidambaram. The appeal holds no corresponding proof, so it had to be dismissed," said OP Saini, the special judge for the trial. The statement was incorporated in the 65-page order bringing an end to Subramanian Swamy's defeat-less recorded in court proceedings against the UPA government. It further ended reports surrounding P. Chidambaram’s fate as the Home Minister as the axe was seemingly looming. Last Thursday (2nd Feb 2012), the Supreme Court had declined to trial Chidambaram on another of Swamy's petition calling for CBI investigation against the Home Minsiter, citing that the issue is to be dealt with by Justice Saini.

The stubborn Subramanian Swamy had stated in his appeal P. Chidambaram during his stint finance minister in UPA-I gave his nod to Raja's decision to allocate the 2G spectrum priced at 2001 prices as a part of their conspiracy. He further accused Chidambaram saying that the then finance minister supported the opinions that Swan and Unitech promoters had reduced their shares and never sold those shares, which was also a part of the conspiracy.

Judge Saini declared his verdict saying, "There are no evidences to testify an agreement between Chidambaram and Raja to undermine policies and obtain financial advantage for their benefits. There are concrete evidences to prove any substantive acts of P. Chidamabarm”.

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