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Cyclone Thane hits Tamil Nadu coast

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The Tamil Nadu coast was struck by a strong cyclone named Thane. The coast was struck by the cyclone on Friday morning and continued its torment on people on Saturday also therefore continuing is journey of hitting the southern state from 9 hrs to 46 hrs. Of the worst affected places was Cuddalore district. Following the disaster people started their day with normalcy but people had to shun their New Year celebrations and spent the eve in darkness.

In the wake of the disaster 46 people lost their lives. But on Saturday around 9 more deaths were reported in three districts of Tamil Nadu. Of the 9 deaths, 5 were reported in Cuddalore, 3 in Kanchipuram and 1 in Theni. All of these deaths were caused by incessant rains that followed the cyclone.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and former south actress J.Jayalalithaa expressed her grief and condolenses over the deaths of the bereaved families and for those who were dislocated from their homes. For the families of the deceased the chief minister has so far ordered the release of Rs.20000.

Apart from the deaths toll that stood to 35 in numbers in Tamil Nadu, 4 deaths were reported in Kerela while 7 were reported in Pudducherry. These deaths were mainly caused due to events like electrocution, collapsing of walls or roofs and falling off trees.However life is coming back to normalcy in the most affected part of the state.

Rescue operation has started and the teams have begun to clear off the roads by removing uprooted trees in order to allow smooth flow of traffic and aid systems. People have already started leaving the relief camps and are moving to their places.

Since the electric poles and power houses have also been affected so power supply to the affected areas have caused further problem in the relief process. As per the sources the concerned authority has that 50% of the power supply will be restored back in order to sort out the problem.

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