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Iran warns to hit NATO missile

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Iran warned that it will target NATO´s missile base situated in turkey if the government is threatened by military action. The warning was quoted by the aerospace revolutionary guards commander in a press conference.

Amir-Ali-Hajizadeh said that his troops are prepared to attack the NATO missile in it's neighboring country Turkey if they are threatened of any sort of attack and then they will move to attack other areas.

Although in previous years Iranian authority have hinted on attacking Turkey if they are attacked any time but this is the first such time that such a warning has come straight from the Revolutionary Guards.

If reports are to be believed then it is said that Israel was planning to attack the nuclear base in Iran after the UN reports stated that Iran was researching on to make atomic weapons. Hajizadeh who is the commander of the Revolutionary Guards told media in the western city of Iran that his country's stance was to threaten if they are being threatened by any one.

Last year Turkey launched a warning radar system in its country's southeast part in collaboration with NATO's missile shield which being seen as a step to thwart any form of attacks or missiles threats from Iran or any other middle east country.

In a further retaliation the commander in chief of aerospace division of Revolutionary Guards Hajizadeh said that he wishes that Israel attacks Iran so that he and his soldiers can retaliate back and throw the Jewish country to the dustbin for ever.

Iran that has launched atomic weapon program said that they have launched the program for safety concerns and for peace purpose. Due to the installation of the atomic weapon program tension have grown between the Western region and Iran which has lead to all the threatening process.

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