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Sachin Tendulkar's retirement from ODIs may sound 'death knell' of 50 over game

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Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar decided to retire from one-day cricket. According to cricket writer, Robert Craddock, this decision might mark the end of the fifty-over format of the game.

In the wake of Tendulkar's retirement many Indian cricket fans said they would cease to watch the 50-over game whereas some upset fans even said that it would be the death of this form of cricket.

"Even though this news sounded, a bit melodramatic. But we must not be too dismissive. As India generates 81 cents of every dollar spent on cricket all around the globe, their money is our money and their success our success," Craddock further added.

"In India, Sachin itself was one-day cricket. The staggering record of 18,426 limited-overs runs cannot be put into perspective just by looking at his numbers alone," he wrote further.

In his article Craddock said that in the history of cricket Ricky Ponting, the next most prolific 50-over batsman from Australia, is almost 5000 runs behind Tendulkar. Only after you add Ponting's career to Andrew Symonds' runs from his 198 games one can just cover Sachin."

"After Sachin's retirement if Indian cricket fans lost interest in 50-over cricket it would be like the Arabs losing interest in oil" he wrote.

Also as per the close sources Sachin's retirement decision from the ODIs was taken within the last 72 hours, before he formally informed the BCCI and the world a night before. Even BCCI president N Srinivasan was informed only the night before formal announcements were made.

After Sachin came back from the Nagpur Test, he intentionally switched off his phone and became incommunicado for at least three days. The only possible way to contact Sachin Tendulkar was through his wife Anjali's. Upon contacting Anjali, she told the reporters that he wanted some time to himself.

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