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Hillary Clinton nominated as Secretary of State in Obama cabinet 1st Dect 2008

Hillary Clinton has been nominated as the Secretary of State in the Obama Cabinet. President Clinton expressed his deep pride for his wife being chosen for this job.

Army Chiefs call for polls rejected by Somchari Nov 27 2008

Political uncertainty continues to loom over Thailand with protestors continuing three siege at Bangkok international airport. This goes on despite the Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat rejecting Army chief Anupong Paochinda's Proposal of getting over the crises by holding general elections. Flights have been gravely affected leaving passengers stranded at airport being unable to board the flight.

ID card scheme in UK for non European foreign nationals Nov 26, 2008

The british government has put forward as scheme of biometric identity cards.This would be for non-European foreign nationals starting with students and foreign spouses of British citizens. The required people must be in possession of it within 3 years.

One hundred and one Indian prisoners have been released by Pakistan Nov 26, 2008

As a good will gesture Pakistan has released one hundred and one Indian prisoners mostly fishermen. With the talks of home secretary Madhukar Gupta and his Pakistani counterpart Syed Kamal Shah lead to this decision by the Pakistan government.

President elect Barack Obama faces a economic challenges: Nov 26, 2008

Barack Obama the president elect of US introduced his economic team recently.Timothy F. Geithner has been nominated as Treasury Secretary and Lawrence H.Summers to head the White House economic concil.

Obama’s economic policy would be focused for middle class families and financial markets. Christina Romer is nominated for White House Council of Economic Advisers chair, Timothy Geithner as Treasury secretary, Lawrence Summers as head of the National Economic Council .

Neel Kashkari-an Indian American to look over the financial crises of Wall Street. (7th October 2008)

The finanacial catastrophe in the Wall street leading to global turmoil will be looked upon.Sure will it be, but that by an Indian American.Neel Kashkari the guy is set to prove his mettle and expert tackling.Just 35,he is the Assistant Secretary for International Affairs in the Department of Treasury,as the interim head for its new office of financial stability,which includes the troubled Asset Relief Program.It is seeing over this $700 billion problematic situation, threatening the US economy.

He has served in the Bush administration at Tier Two cabinet levels.If his appointment is confirmed he would be looking over the Treasurury's effort to buy sick areas and deal with them amicably,buying bad loans, and other upset securities.

Kashkari has bachelor's degree in engineering from University of Illinios at Urbana-Champaign.He has masters in aeorospace engineering .Having worked in R&D Principal investor at the company TRW in Redondo Beach,California,he has worked upon a technology for NASA on James Webb Space Telescope,to be replaced for Hubble.It is scheduled to be launched in 2013.

Hillary Clinton a possible official as Secretary of State (22nd Nov September 2008) Global market heads towards recovery (19th September 2008)

Global markets are recovering now.European stocks opened with considerable margin following a day profiatable trading on Wall Street.The stock market in asia showed considerable recovery.

All this happened after the news spread of the package of up to $247 billion to be invested at money markets from the U.S federal reserve,European Central Bank,the Swiss National Bank,the Bank of England,the Bank of Canada and the Bank of Japan.The swelling upto $180 billion in fund availability is for getting away with the financial crises and ensure profitable business.

The bankruptcy of prominent U.S brokerage Lehman Brothers,a Bank of America, Merrill Lynch,AIG has dampened of their confidence by the investors.

Serious financial crises and the world economy (18th September 2008)

The most reputed and stable financial institutions of America have collapsed.Because of this, it has effected economy globally.Merrill Lynch,Lehman Brothers,American International Group AIG have gone in financial crises.This happened because of bad mortgage finance and real estate investments.Both Lehman and Merrill Lynch ventured into real estate with great risk and got caught up in financial problem.

With Lehman's stock tumbling sharply,other firms backed off from doing business with it.This is a serious financial crises and desperate measures are being taken to get out of it.Lehman has decided to curb its trading and filed for bankruptcy.

Merrill Lynch has agreed to sell itself on Sunday to Bank of America for roughly $50 Billion.Lehman Brothers a securities firm, filed for bankruptcy and tried to liquify its assets, because of no buyer.It has decided to curb its trading operations and so on.

As concerned to AIG (American International Group), its problem arose with its one unit dealing in complex debt securities and derivatives.That unit is a cause of loss which is more, than the profit margin from its other units functioning profitably.It's credit scores were lowered by credit rating agencies, making it to seek multibillion dollar investment in order to survive.American International Group AIG had to take help from federal Reserve.

According to the associated Press,this is reported to be the biggest collapse of an investment bank after Drexel Burnham Lambert 18 years ago.

The whole question is of its after effects on the American economy and global economy like in Asian market and elsewhere.

The desperate need of these tumbling financial giants for buyers,series of deals and grouping and regrouping of other companies to counter financial worsening still does not give much respite from the situation.

In India,people rushed to pull their shares of favourable price fearing they may lose more in collapsing sectors.This affected in loss in already wobbly situation.Realty and metal stocks have suffered big loss.Below 3761 is a danger sign.The major losers were Ranbaxy Laboratories (-5.44%), Satyam Computer (-4.52%), DLF (-4.21%), Jaiprakash Associates (-4.11%), Bharti Airtel (-3.82%) and ICICI Bank (-3.59%).Only Tata motors (1.24%) and State Bank of India (0.19%) made profit.

In other asian countires like Japan,Hong Kong, and South Korea stock market dipped more than 5 percent in morning trade.

As for now, the financial situation is very grave and has deteriorated because bulk of the investors have pulled their money all of a sudden and have invested in other places like treasury bills.Cost of borrowing has increased and federal bank is trying to relax its rules to avert the situation to the possible extend.

The effect of all this would be more unemployment due to job cuts,less salary,high lending rates affecting the already weak housing market and so on.

Zardari becomes President of Pakistan (9th September 2008)

Asif Ali Zardari is the new Pakistani president after Pervez Musharraf.The widower of Benazir Bhutto and son in law of Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is the co-chairman of Pakistan's People Party (PPP).He was elected with big majority. The leader of the House in the Senate Mian Raza Rabbani hailed his election and talked about the balance of president's power and the Judiciary.The leader also mentioned of the government's agenda in strengthening of law and order and restoration of Judges.

Georgia snaps diplomatic ties with Russia (30th August 2008)

Georgia has snapped its diplomatic ties with Russia. It moved for new propagation for EU and support from United States to pressurize Moscow to withdraw its troops. With the shutting off the diplomatic ties with the Russian federation, the Russian diplomats would have to leave Georgia. This was said by Deputy Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze.

For the hundreds of thousands of Georgians living in Russia, consular relations nevertheless would be maintained as decided. The Human Rights Commissioner, Thomas Hammarberg mentioned of emptiness and large scale damaging situation of the ethnic Georgian villages in the region. The new satellite images give a different picture of havoc and ethnic cleansing against the Georgian population of South Ossetia which are denied by Russia.

Barack Obama, McCain and the American elections. (30th August 2008)

Barack Obama has been nominated for the American President post against McCain.McCain is the nominee from the Republican side.The vice presidential candidate of Obama is Joe Biden who is a senior senator from Delware.

The vice presidential candidate of McCain is Sarah Palin who is the governer of Alaska.Her sudden emergence into the limelight for vice presidential nomination has surprised many. Both sides claim of having the best mind on their side and best strategist for steering America into new course for a better future.

Beijing Olympics close with a dazzling show (25 August 2008)

With new records and new histories, the Beijing Olympics ended with a grand spectacle. Magnificent fireworks were displayed with nearly 90,000 people in the stadium in the form of Bird’s nest.

A delegation from London including the flamboyant soccer star David Beckham, was present. Gordon Brown the Prime Minister of Britain and London' mayor too were present. The Olympic flag was handed over to the London mayor by Beijing Mayor Go Jinlong.

The economic power of China was displayed as it had invested more than $40 billion in hosting Olympics. China got most of the gold medals and United States lead overall tally of medals.

There were some serious untoward incidents as the attack on Beijing tourist site when U.S volleyball coach Hugh McCutcheon’s father-in-law was fatally stabbed by a Chinese man who committed suicide after.

China had taken measures to bring air pollution under control and media too did not display vivid widespread health concerns as foreigners had been attending the games.

The menus of the restaurants had been modified keeping in view of tourists and as a whole the communist nation had shown smooth handling of logistics throughout the Olympics.

What is Russian Georgian Conflict basically? (23 August 2008)

Russia claims to have complied by ceasefire agreements but they are accused of still being present at some checkpoints.

The conflict of Georgia Russia is an anecdote of ethnics, regionalism and economic dominance. The issue has come under global limelight again due to the war but the hostilities are since long back. The issue has been cooking up since much before.

But in short, before the fall of the former USSR, South Ossetia was actually a part of Georgia which came under USSR.After the collapse of communism and Russia broke, these became independent countries.

The tension is due to the exertion of political dominance by Georgia over South Ossetia which South Ossetia does not like.Another region Abkhazia which too has the same tension with Georgia too is the cause of this Russia Georgia war.

On Nov 10 1989, the South Ossetia applied for autonomy to the Georgian Supreme Soviet.It had also been granted, but later what irked Ossetia was that the Georgian Supreme Soviet adopted a law barring regional parties in summer 1990.Ossetia took it as move against its concerns and repudiated Georgia’s official status over it by proclaiming South Ossetia a Soviet Democratic Republic. Ossetians also boycotted subsequent Georgian parliamentary elections and held their own contest in December. In turn, Georgia declared this election illegitimate and abolished South Ossetia’s autonomous completely in 11th December 1990. The fresh waves of hostility swept due to this between South Ossetia and Georgia.

Territorial tensions upon migration by natives.

One event in turn lead to another, heightening hostility and bloodshed and large scale violence.Due to this violence, Georgians and Ossetians began migrating to other places for safety.This further created tension over territorial areas when Ossetians moved to settle in North Ossetia.This was objected by Ingush as the place had been their former territory before being expelled from there by Stalin. So the arrival of Ossetians at their former place infuriated the Ingush.

In the midst of all this hullabaloo, Georgia signed cease fire with Russia to avoid further escalation of situation.It also confirmed of not imposing of any sanctions against South Ossetia. Howerer the spark remained as Georgia still has control over much regions of South Ossetia including important town of Akhalgori.

To keep the matter from getting uneven, a peacekeeping force of Russians, Ossetians and Georgians was established.

The Incidents leading to attack by Georgia on Ossetia and Russia’s backlash.

In spite of ceasefire deal on August 13 2008, incidents like smuggling hostage takings,shootouts and bombing occassionally deteriorated the stability as claimed by Georgia and this one of the basic reason of its immediate attack on South Ossetia on 7th of August 2008 which has made headlines worldwide.

Incidents such as passing resolution in support of South Ossetian secessionists by Russia, closure of important market hampering Russia’s trade by Georgia’s side, closure of highway in retaliation between Russia and Georgia by South Ossetians to hamper Georgia, all this made more reason for Russia to take a plunge into the war against Georgia.

Russia’s and Georgia’s Blame on each other.

Also Russia blamed Georgia of killing Russian peacekeepers and doing “ethnic cleansing” of natives in South Ossetia.Since many of the 70,000 people in South Ossetia speak Russian and have Russian passports.Russia thinks it needs to reassert its influence over its immediate borders here that is Georgia and South Ossetia and set things right.

Georgia accuses Russia in toppling the government and causing to get regime change.

As of now the cease fire has taken place and Russian troops have withdrawn after the intervention of France in particular to negotiate. Russian military action was also condemned by the United States and other NATO countries to which Georgia has affinity inspite of not being NATO member.

Though all these are apparent reasons for war but the actual and internal motives still linger around economic superiority, proposed long term economic and business plans which either country would like to take advantage of.

Safeguards pact endorsed by IAEA chief (1 August 2008)

The primary inspection plan for India met safeguards standards.Talks have begun on a mode of extended checks,prospects for enhancing Indo-US nuclear deal.

A condition set for the Indo-Us nuclear deal to be carried forward was the approval of the inspection plans based on his recommendations.

When the International Atomic Energy Agency governers gave a consent on this,India would now seek a waiver from 45 nuclear supplier nations to allow trading with a non NPt countries.After this US Congress would consent to finalise the final deal.

Futher pros and cons are underway for full fledged implementations.

Pakistan demands nuclear status (31 July 2008)

After the Indo-US nuclear deal in formation, Pakistan also exerted its right to be granted nuclear status. Mohammed Sadiq,spokesperson for Pakistan Foreign Office showed concern for the national security and expressed that the government of Pakistan would do all within its ability to secure it.

In the context, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has shown Pakistan new proofs of the links between country's spy service and some militant groups.The violence in Afganistan is linked to this factor.

Iraq Ban lifted by IOC (30 July 2008)

International Olympic Committee has relented and permitted Iraq to take part in the Olympics.

IOC has lifted the ban on Iraqi atheletes for the beijing olympics.

After the IOC had meeting with the Iraqi officials in Switzerland,the IOC revised their decision and now the athletes will be able to take part in the Olympics in Beijing next month.

“Bush a total failure” says Pelosi (18 July 2008)

The first woman speaker of the United States Nancy Pelosi has been a sharp critic of the American President. With her timely outpour of complete dissatisfaction over his policies in various interviews, she, yet again, came out with a highly frustrated tone.

It was a backlash after two days to the President’s criticism in which he talked having just 26 legislative days in hand in the fiscal year. Bush said that Congress would require every other day to get its work done in this span of time. It wasn’t a matter of pride Bush commented.

In the interview, the Nancy Pelosi ruled out the President’s validity on such comments citing reason of him that of having no ideas. She also remarked that he was in no position to criticize the Congress.

Meanwhile Pelosi’s comments came when Congress approval was all time low in 30 years. Pelosi linked the cause of this to Congress’ failure in ending the Iraq war. She highly disapproved of congress’ working in ceasing the war.

Again opposed to the President’s favoring for offshore drilling for oil and opening up areas like Artic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska for oil exploration, Pelosi has strongly taken a stand against it. In retrospect to this, 73 percent of poll has shown favor in this regard. The bottom line of her disapproval is due to the apparent non exhaustion of federal areas leased beforehand for approval in drilling. That should be in focus rather than venturing for new avenues for oil exploration, she meant.

Iran test fires more missiles (10th July 2008)

In continuation of the previous exercises,Iran test fired further missiles on Thursday,prompting United States to take steps to build anti missile defence setup.

G-8 leaders mention of countering global warming (9rd July 2008)

G-8 leaders of the world’s major economies pledged to combat climate change without highlighting specific steps in that regard. The leaders unanimously agreed to cut the greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2050.

The G-8 countries which make up Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States and the other countries that are South Korea, Mexico European Union, India, South Africa Australia, Brazil, China, and Indonesia.

Betancourt and 14 others get freedom (3rd July 2008)

After being in captivity for more than 6 years, the former Columbian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt along with three US contractors and 11 others got freedom.The rescue operation took on Wednesday by Colombian military force. This was reported by Juan Manuel Santos the defence minister.

The revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC) kidnapped Ingrid Betancourt on February 23rd 2002. She is reported to be in fine health.

Also when the plane carrying the three contractors Thomas Howes,Keith Stansell and Marc Gonsalves crashed in southern Columbia, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia kidnapped them and were held hostage .The three hostages were under the contract with the US Department of Defence and were working against anti-drug tasks in Columbia.

FARC had plans to exchange Betancourt ,the three US citizens as scores of military and police personnel for FARC rebels in prison. The FARC have been outwitted and have lost three of their members including their Boss in recent time.

UN Condemns Zimbabwean government. (24, June 2008)

United Nations has condemned the Zimbabwean government because of its inefficiency in controlling the violence in the election campaign.

The UN raised its doubts on smooth facilitation of such elections in such circumstances. But inspite of that Mugabe’s governenment which is incumbent, is confident of holding elections on 27th.

No immediate solution of high oil prices. (24, June 2008)

The United States has expressed hopelessness in lessening of the oil prices in short time. In the white house release statement, the government has expressed possibility in the increase of the oil production within that country. Though the statement also mentioned of the efforts in bringing down the fuel demand in taking control of other measures, still, there is a lookout for ways to increase domestic production in United States. in the same time Saudi Government has plans to increase its oil output.

Saudi Arabia will increase its oil production.(16th June 2008)

Saudi Arabia has decided to increase its oil production by 200,000 barrels per day from next month.This was told by Kingdom's oil minister to U.N. Chief Ban Ki-moon according to Ban's spokesman.

On meeting with Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi U.N. chief was disclosed of this decision.

Rise in Oil Prices (6, June 2008)

Oil price have caught the headlines recently due their increased prices. Analysts reason out the increase in prices due to various factors. Some reasons are due to political tensions circulation around middle east countries. The deteriorating condition of Iraq, terror attack in Saudi Arabia, all make impact.

The change in supply limit due to speculations on the demand for oil too pave way for a price change.

OPEC decided to reduce its production limit, though not causing scarcity, but nevertheless it did cause tension in developed countries and effected price.

As the price of Oil is above $120 a barrel, the price of gas, kerosene, petrol and other petroleum products too has been effected.

Due to unavoidable circumstances Oil companies were forced to sell at a loss of millions of pounds a day.

Countries too have responded with respect to the global scenario like Malaysia which is a net exporter of Oil has raised fuel prices by 41 percent .It has also dropped subsidies.

The price rise of petrol diesel kerosene all has effected a common man in India and there is a heavy pressure on the democracy to come up with a respite in some way or the other.

2008- International Year of Sanitation (4, Jan 2008)

National Events

Terror attacks in Mumbai Nov 27 2008

Major terror attacks took place in Mumbai on Wednesday .Explosion and firing from various parts of the city took place.Twenty people are reported to have been dead and 348 injuredUnofficial reports give death toll as 60.

Maharashtra Director General of Police A.N. Roy said that seven attacks took place three of them encounters.

A.K. Sharma reported that 2 and 3 persons carrying AK.47 rifles and grenades entered the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminu8s with AK 47 rifles at 8.35 and indiscrimately opened fire.

Outside the Trident Hotel two low intensity explosions and firing was reported. In Colaba firing took place too. Police has been on high alert and people were rushed to hte hospitals. Centre has rushed NSG commandos to Mumbai.

Heavy Rains in Chennai Nov 27 2008

Cyclone name "Nisha"is siad to be the cause of heavy rains wand winds in several parts of chennai. Due to incessant rain nearly 20 flights were affected. In many places road were flooded.Local Administration Ministrator Stalin inspected relief measures in North Chennai. 1500 food packets were distributed. Local helpline number-1913 was put to look after complaints of water stagnation and such flood relief measures.

Turkish consulate to be opened n Mumbai soon Nov 27 2008

Ravi Chaudhary representative of the investment support and promotion Agency of Turkey(ISPAT) said that Turkey will have consulate in Mumbai in next Three months.By 2010-2011 new consulate would be established in either Chennai and Bangalore.

Fuel prices likely to lower after elections Nov 26, 2008

Murli Deora linked over the roll back of petroleum prices after the assembly elections. This will take place in six states. Reasoning that of the international crude oil prices having gone down this decision would take place after polls.

The prices of petrol had climbed by Rs 5/- diesel by 3/- a litre and domestic LPG by Rs 50 per cylinder when the international crude oil rate was record high. In July 2008 India’s crude basket was $45.54 per barrel just recently on Monday when international price had reached $147 in July.

Legendary Goal Keeper Peter Thangaraj is no more. Nov 26, 2008

Peter Thangaraj the goal keeper of Indian football team has passed away. In 1962 Indian team won the gold in Jakarta Asian Games of which he was the goal keeper. He is survived by his wife, one son and three daughters. He was voted as Asia’s finest goal keeper in 1958. He has played for India between 1954, 1968. He played for India in four Asiads in 1954,1958,1962 and 1966. He was an Arjuna Awardee.

Nano roll out decided from Gujarat. (7th October 2008)

The proposed site for the manufacture of nano car has been decided in Gujarat.The site near Sanand,25 kms from the western side of Ahmedabad has been selected.The formalities for the allotment of 1000 acres of land to the Tatas is all cleared.The land is located in 2200 acre campus which was owned by the Anand Agriculture University before its being given back to the governement.It is used as a cattle and seed farm.After much looking for other places after the Singur's drop out,many state governments have been inviting tata to invest in their state.

Assam Violence (7th October 2008)

Violence in Assam has been going on between Bodo rebels and Bangladeshi migrants. First clashes broke out in Assam’s Udalguri and Darrang districts. Five hundred houses have been set ablaze till the update of this news,over one lakh people are sheltering in relief camps. Four companies of BSF were deployed and more have to come.

State government spokes man Himanta Biswa Sarma has accused the National Democratic Front if Bodoland (NDFB) of being involved in ethnic-cleansing in the Bodoland Territorial Administered Districts (BTAD).The government threatens to look again over the ceasefire agreements. The media is said to have potrayed the ongoing clash as ethnic cleansing and not communal as said by Sarma who is the health Misnister after visiting troubled Udalguri and Darrang Districts.

Police is using Helicopters for patrolling in Assam to stops attacks over the Bangladeshi migrants. Clashes in the past have killed thousands of mainly Bangladeshi migrants.

Attack on Christians (7th October 2008)

The recent attack on Christians in Orrisa,has caught headlines everywhere.This air is already tense due to the active work of christian missionaries there which is strongly despised by the hindu fundametalists.Since the work also leads to lot of conversions into christianity,occassionally christian missionaries become target of attack due to this.Recently the leader of Bajrang Dal(a radical section of the Hindu nationalist organisation RSS, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh),Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati was murdered.It is percieved to be done by Christians, as the Bajrang Dal leader was sharp opponent of the missionary work particularly of conversions.His murder lead to severe backlash with mass murders,burning of churches,etc.

Though the Maoist group ownes up the killing of the leader but Bajrang Dal activists and their other well wishers deny it.They say his murder does not serve the interests of the maoist group so they don't see enimity with Maoists in his murder.Attacks have also spread to Mangalore in Karnataka state.Both in Orrisa and Karnataka BJP is in power and Karnataka CM is also reported to have asked for cessation of forcible conversions by the christians.In reality no one can forcibly convert into chrisitianity as it is a matter of faith and belief and that is what is the main thing in conversion. Superior General of christian missionary Sister Nirmala has written letter to the Orrisa CM for provision of proper security for the christians under attack.The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Willams,has expressed deep anguish over the attack and destruction on christian interests and has hoped for rebuilding and good future.

US India Business Council cancels visit to Kolkata (19th Sept 2008)

US India Business Council (USIBC) delegation has cancelled its visit to Kolkata. The backup of TATA in nano small car manufacturing from Singur in West Bengal is said to be the reason.

USIBC president Ron Somers disclosed of the cancellation due to the political turmoil created due to Singur controversy. Because of this hope of new investment thereby opportunities for new jobs have dwindled for now. It was however mentioned that the go ahead may be possible in future if the circumstances become more favourable.

USIBC delegates however would visit Hyderabad and Delhi for opening up of more business opportunities in agriculture, retail, real estate and supply chain management.

The reason cited for the cancellation by the US consulate in Kolkata was because of time pressure.

Blasts in Delhi kill around thirty and wound hundreds (13th Sept 2008)

India bled on Saturday. The evil head of terrorism raised its ugly head again this time in Delhi, killing the innocents and wounding many. The death toll has reached nearly 30 and hundred others wounded. Home Minister Shivraj Patil has called upon all security personnel to review the security arrangements across the country. Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta told of streamlining the security measures in various ways and the home ministry has listed of precautionary measures to aware the citizens with do’s and don’ts.

Five blasts took place within 40 minutes beginning at around 6:15 pm (1245 GMT), in the city’s crowded Ghaffar Market, Connaught Place and Greater Kailash leaving complete havoc and chaos. At least 4 bombs were defused also. Delhi police has assured of cracking the case soon and bringing the culprits to justice.

British Justice Minister Jack Straw who was in Delhi for a three day visit expressed his anguish and cited urgency for UK and India to jointly work in countering this menace. He conveyed of the British PM Gordon Brown’s worry over this issue. Messages from across the world have been pouring with condemnation over the blasts.

The former president and Missile Man A.P.J Abdul Kalam, has given points in countering terrorism with more effectiveness that is, by implementation for strong anti terror law, stringent punishment and faster justice, effective participation of people for effective gathering of intelligence in all levels. He also called for National citizen identity card to be issued for keeping tab on individuals.

Violence in Srinagar (13th Sept 2008)

It was the second day of continued violence in Srinagar.The clash between security forces and agitators continued since the second day on Saturday in Maisuma area of the city.The situation got sparked off over the killing of two persons in police firing.It had all off a sudden when in a normal day the clashes broke out forcing the closing of shops and other establishments.

Satyam Computer Services Decides of Pull Back from West Bengal (13th Sept 2008)

Satyam Computer Services,which is the fouth largest software exporter of India,has decided to pull out its operations from Kolkata.The company decided not go ahead with its proposed software development center at Salt lake's Sector V, Kolkata's IT hub.This was decided in the meeting last week.The disclosion has not been given formally to the Bengal government.

The reasons cited for pull back are,that the piece of proposed land for setup is low lying and prone to water logging particularly in monsoons.

TATA's nano car factory setup in Singur will be pulled out (4th Sept 2008)

TATA have decided that the factory which was setup in Singur in West Bengal will not operate.The infrastructure will be removed

Flood in Assam (2nd Sept 2008)

The flood has created havoc in Assam. One million people have been displaced and 15 people have died. 16 districts have been hit by the floods. Army soldiers were deployed for relief and rescue missions. It is reported that flood affected 1346 villages. affecting a land area of about2.69 609 hectares. These data are from the first wave of floods that began on May 28.

The Singur dilemma and the TATA’s dream project. (28nd August 2008)

The TATA brought a dream and along with it a controversy. It’s a debate over the industrialization over the farming land depicted with an anguished face of a hapless farmer.

The question is all about 400 acres of land. The Bengal government gave 400 acres of land to the TATA’s at Singur in West Bengal for setting up their manufacturing unit of car ‘nano’ and that’s when the hell broke loose. Mamta Banerjee the “Saviour” of farmers jumped into the fray to keep the TATA’s at bay. Mamta Banerjee says that the land has been snatched away from the farmers and is leading agitation against this. A prominent activist Medha Patkar and Samajwadi Party general secretary Amar Singh, former congress leader Soumen Mitra,Krishijami Jiban Jibika Raksha Committee (Save Farmland Committee), convenor Purnendu Bose and other political and social activists have joined hands in the protest.

The Bengal government says that it cannot retreat on this issue as the land in question is segregated and not one whole piece, giving back of it is not feasible. Besides the uprooting of infrastructure too is very problematic but the TATA has nevertheless threatened to pull out if the tension continues.

As of now the work in the factory has been halted due to the security concerns.

PM allots 1000 crore for flood hit Bihar (28nd August 2008)

The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has described the flood in Bihar as national calamity. Rs 1000 crore have been allotted for the relief and remedial operation with immediate effect. The Prime Minister was accompanied by UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi in aerial survey of the four most effected districts of Bihar. The flood due to the breakage of Kosi river from its destined route continues to spell doom. Personnel of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Special Auxiliary Police (SAP), Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB),state police and the army were engaged in the flood-hit areas to provide help.

As per the statical records, more than 20 lakh people and their houses, towns 242 panchyats and 671 villages have been inundated due to the river flow through them.

Kosi River creates Havoc in Bihar (26nd August 2008)

In north Bihar the mighty Kosi River broke its embankment and began to flow on different route causing submerging of towns, many villages. Many people have lost homes and many have died.

Near the Bhimnagar barrage, which is close to the Nepal border, it broke its bank and is directed towards the Ganga, over almost 100km south.

The great fear looms further as what is startling is that 3km wide breach is growing by 200 meters every day. Since the Bhimnagar barrage is just 12km away if the breach reaches barrage, huge inhabited areas of Supaul, Aharsa, Araria, Madhepura ,Katihar and Purnea districts would be drowned causing catastrophe on ever bigger scale.

To solve this, repair work need to be done in Nepal. Upon the arrival of Indian team there, violent protest turned them back. It is seen that full fledged involvement of Center is needed to tackle this in understanding with Nepal government

The Amarnath crises remains in deadlock (22nd August 2008)

Amaranth is a cave in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is held significant on basis of Hindu mythology and more people go in large numbers annually in specific period there out of devotion.

For the convenience of huge mass coming there and making the trip to the cave, the government of India and the state government of Jammu and Kashmir officially got the 100 acres of forest land transferred to Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board(SASB) which is a body involved in Amarnath issue.

The transferring of the land to the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB) sparked off protest for reversal of the land allotment and the issue got into imbroglio. The government did revoke its order of land transfer under pressure and this in turn created backlash by the devotees against revoking.

Timely the curfew were imposed and then lifted but the situation remained tense.

Many people have died in police firing and both the parties stick to their stance, one insisting on not allotting the forest land to the Shrine Board and another insisting upon the allotment of the forest land as before revoking.

In early August 2008, the members of the Amaranth Shrine Board resigned in demand for land allotment. Few of the devotees even went upto commiting suicide to instigate the masses. In the same month Army had been deployed since then to take control of the situation. In midst of the controversy, the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Ghulam Nabi Azad resigned.

In August 22 the Hurriyat began Idgah rally against the land allotment and the government is keen to bring down the matter to the negotiating table. As of now the situation remains in a deadlock.

Longest runway in Asia at IGI Airport. (21st August 2008)

Indra Gandhi International airport will have a new runway which will be the longest one in Asia. The runway would be 4430 meters long and would have advanced runway lighting system.Facility of CAT-3B technology would be deployed for landing assistance in foggy conditions.

The new runway would capable to accommodate landing of very big planes such as A-380, AB-225 and so on.

Flights effected due to AAI strike. (20th August 2008)

In the wake for demand of privatisation of government owned airports and salaries, airport authority of India (AAI) went on a 12 hour strike. The nation wide general strike by the the Central Public Sector Trade Unions (CPSTU) has been supported in this respect.

Passengers faced inconvenience in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kokata and other cities. All airport employees had gone on strike under the the airport Authority Employees' Union (AAEU) which demanded cessation of further privatisation or leasing out of other AAI airports in the country. Delhi International Airport Ltd had taken up preparatory measures to minimise the effect of the strike in airport functioning.

Resignation by all the members of Amarnath Shrine Board (6th August 2008)

All ten members of the Amarnath land row tendered their resignation in the amidst of the controversy of land revocation from the Shrine board. The resignations have been submitted to J&K Governor NN Vohra. The board is firm on its stance for over ruling the previous decision and allotting back the land to the shrine board.

India to get new undersea cruise missiles (4nd August 2008)

India will get the upgraded Kiloclass submarine INS Sindhuvijay.It has dangerous Kub-S-Cruise missiles.It will be bought from Russia and delivery is scheduled in one week.

Curfew imposed in Jammu, Army deployed(2nd August 2008)

Curfew has been imposed and army deployed to check with the menace of violence in the region. Due to firing on the protesters which were against the transfer of forest land to Shri Anmarnathji Shrine Board (SASB),the situation got serious.

The situation got tense after the announcement of of Governer NN Vohra that the shrine board would be assigned back the responsibility of annual yatra.

In Samba Army was deployed and Jammu and Samba were under the curfew.

The representatives of Shri Amarnathji yatra have ruled out of any talks with Governere Vohra over the Amarmanth land scuffle.

Train mishap- Fire engulfs the coaches (2nd August 2008)

Eight people were injured, and 32 died, when fire broke out in the Secunderabad-Kakinada Gouthami Express train. This happened in the wee hours in Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh on Friday.

About 200 kms from Hyderabad, fire broke out in the speeding train probably due to short circuit.

CPM leader Harkishan Surjeet is no more(1st August 2008)

CPM leader Harkishan Surjeet has passed away due to cardiac arrest on this day. He was 92 and was hospitalized for some time. CPM General Secretary Prakash Karat disclosed of the news. His conditioned had worsened since last week.

He had played a vital role in keeping BJP out of power in 1996 and facilitated in the formation of coalition government by the congress at the centre eight years later.

Blasts in Gujarat (29th July 2008)

The death toll of 45 has been officially declared with 160 people wounded.The bombs of ammonium nitrate were were strapped to bicycles and motorbikes and under the seats of crowded public buses.They were detonated with timers.Around 30 people have been taken for interrogation.

Three more live bombs have been defused after that in Surat. People have shown concern in maintenance of communal harmony and depicted and understanding that the terror victimizes anyone irrespective of religion or caste and has to be jointly combated in unison by all the citizens living.

Seven Blasts have taken place in Bangalore (25th July 2008)

Seven blasts took place in Bangalore in places namely Midwala bus depot, Mysore road, Adugudi, Koramangla, Vittal Mallaya road, Langford Town and Richmond Town.These blasts took place within one hour. The blasts were timed which was told by Bangalore Commissioner of Police, Shankar Bidari. Some companies shut off their workplaces, as well as some schools, colleges, malls and cinemas. The intensity of explosions are classified as comparatively lower and were of crude explosives.

The investigations are on.

Curfew lifted in Jammu (25th July 2008)

The curfew was lifted in Jammu on Friday and nearby areas after sensing favourable environment in that respect.Twelve policemen and other 27 were wounded in the violent confrontation with agitators.

Jammu Deputy Commissioner Mandeep K Bandari of Jammu told that patrol by the cops and CRPF is intesified and if necessary the curfew will be reimposed according to sources.

Curfew imposed in Jammu (24th July 2008)

The cancellation of land transfer to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) still caused repercussion with latest being the suicide of a man in anger. Divisional Commissioner of Jammu Sudhanshu Pandey disclosed the decision of imposing indefinite curfew in precaution. The dead man Kuldip Kumar Dogra came up with a new idea to instigate the masses by committing suicide in front of them as he consumed poison after a speech thus creating a live scene.
It did cause turmoil in people and the situation got violent.

UPA Cabinet Expansion Likely in August (24th July 2008)

The after effects of winning the trust vote by UPA will eventually make significant headlines as of now when PM is planning expansion of ministerial berths. Its likely that that the cabinet maybe expanded in August. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has ruled out any kind of deal under the tables in allotment of ministerial berth in return for vote.

Meanwhile the United States expressed its happiness over the win of UPA government.

BJP expels its 8 MPs (23th July 2008)

BJP leashed out its fury by expelling its 8 MPs after it had to take a big jolt as six of its MP’s voted in favor of UPA while some remained absent. The high command expressed it rage by the number of MPs which voted against its directives and has called the voting as tainted. With the conspiracies of bribery creeping up in this episode, Advani demanded investigation in this regard. The retaliatory comments from the various leaders are now from various sides. As in case of the comment by Mayawati, the BSP chief who pointed at NDA for supporting government in order to shield the PM chair from her due to her being a dalit lest it may lead to her accession on it due to her being a Dalit. The allegation was refuted by the sources.

Lok Sabha speaker shown the exit door of the party (23rd July 2008)

The Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee was expelled form the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) for refusing to resign on his own.

After the withdrawl of support to the UPA by the four left parties he was pestered to submit his resignation.The politburo of the CPM held meeting which comprises of 14 members to took decision to expel Chatterjee for being inconsitent to the party's concerns.

UPA wins confidence vote, set to move on with Nuclear deal (23rd July 2008)

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is the seventh Prime Minister to win the trust vote.Having won the confidence vote after a heated debate on the Nuclear deal, the Nuclear deal will set to be forwarded to next levels.

The major moves set for now is that the technical details of the India specific safeguards agreements will be briefed to the IAEA’s 144 members.
August 1st is scheduled for endorsement of it by the IAEA board of governors. After this the German Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to convene plenary meeting of the Nuclear Suppliers country’s representatives which are 45 in number. It is hoped that NSG exemption will be through by around 1st week of September.

Following that, the US congress is expected to be presented with all the agreements along with the 123 pact by the US presidential determination for ratification with an up down vote.

India is anxious about the US draft and has specifically conveyed in setting its eyes on it before its being circulated.

MPs for Sale (21th July 2008)

There have emerged news about the MP's being offered upto whopping 50 crores to vote in favour of UPA. Shiv Sena had recently clarified its stand as opposed to UPA in nuclear deal.It is now of concern that some of its MP's might 'give way' and vote in favour of UPA as against the party's unanimous decision.The news leaked that at least three its MP's had been seduced with the offering by Congress,NCP and bookies.In the midst of this drama, K Krishnan,chairman of Venus Detectives told TOI of their service being asked for, for prying on the MP's by their respective parties.

Nine soldiers die in a Blast in J& K (19th July 2008)

Nine soldiers are confirmed to be killed and many others wounded in a Blast in Jammu and Kashmir.

The attack is believed to be carried by militant group.

When the army convoy neared Narbal which is 15 Km from Srinagar,an IED exploded on Srinagar Baramulla Highway leading to the calamity.

India's draft to IAEA,with clauses (10th July 2008)

The Associated Press obtained a confidential document in which India has placed conditions to be scrutinized by IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). The document is meant to pave way for business with 45 nations which will export coveted nuclear fuel and technical knowhow.
The 35 board members were availed of its content for the approval.The 23 page document is along with other safeguard agreements.The document also carries clauses for mending measures by India in any eventuality of cessation of foreign fuel supplies.Though this appears to be controversial as it might facilitate ending of IAEA conditions of some facilities.The facilities which India consents to put under the watch of IAEA are yet undefined. However India's reconciliatory steps should be distinctly outlined in course of cessation of fuel and technology.This concern was expressed by Daryl Kimball,executive director of the Arms Control Association in Washington. IAEA safe guarding is important for India's business with nuclear supplying nations.

Still some protocols have to take their some months time for India's full fledged involvement as per the agreement.

Left formally withdraws support (9th July 2008)

The left parties led by CPM General Secretary Prakash Karat, met the President Pratibha Patil, handing over the letters for withdrawal of support to the UPA government. The four Parties of the left have number of 59 in Lok Sabha.

US stresses on importance of N-deal (9th July 2008)

In duration of the political waywardness developing in India over the issue of N-deal, US President applauded the Prime Minister’s leadership in sticking with the stance. He stressed the importance for the deal as beneficial for both countries.

Singh mentioned about the relationship being in best shape than ever with US. As the meeting went for 50 minutes, both the leaders showed importance for continuation of better relationships between the two countries.

Sensex plunges 444 points in early trade (9th July 2008)

Due heavy selling by funds, in heavy stocks led by Reliance Industries, Infosys Technologies among others ,the sensex lost 444 points in early trade today.

The National Stock Exchange index’s Nifty went down by 133.95 points below the 3900 level at 3,896.05.

The major companies which were hit were most were were Rcom, Infosys Technologies, Reliance Industries, State Bank of India, Bharti Airtel Reliance Infra, Larsen and Toubro, Maruti, Tata Steel, ICICI Bank, Grasim Industries,HDFC Bank ONGC HDFC Ltd.

SP leaders in favour of Nuclear Deal (9th July 2008)

With the latest development in following, the Samajwadi Party wants a go ahead in Nuclear Deal. Its leaders talk regarding this with the former President APJ Abdul Kalam who favors the nuclear deal.

SP has 39 members in the Lok Sabha. Left allies have 59.Yadav and general party secretary met PM on this issue of its support. Yadav, emphasized his party’s stand in prioritizing of national interest above mere politics by supporting the Indo-US deal. The talks are on in this regard and further steps are being taken.

The inflation rises beyond to 11.63 % (4th July 2008)

The inflation rose to a new peak of 11.63 % till June 21, 2008. Inflation had already soared to a 13 year high of 11.42% by the end of 14th June this year.

Though there is no solution immediately in sight, the common man has to bear the brunt of high inflation for now. In measures for checking inflation the RBI raised the cash reserve ratio to 8.75 % and the lending rate to other banks to 8.5 per cent for checking inflation.

Congress gears up for next elections.

Having been stuck on their stance in nuclear deal, the untimely elections seem likely. The Manmohan Singh government did what it thought best- An uncompromising attitude. This has lead to the withdrawal of support paving way for early elections. Sonia Gandhi has asked its party to prepare itself and strengthen itself in the states. She inspected the progression of tasks assigned to the senior leaders and reviewed them in AICC (All India Congress Committee) meeting. The leaders have been asked to jot down preparatory steps for presentation in the next meeting for the elections. This was conveyed to the press by the party general secretary Janardan Dwivedi.

Science and Technology News

Chandrayaan mission Sends images of moon’s surface. Nov 26, 2008

Nine out of eleven scientific instruments on board Chandrayaan have become on. Chandrayaan-1 the satellite successfully launched by the ISRO for getting more data on lunar surface.

The Big Bang Experiment (27 August 2008)

How did the universe begin? That question has always perplexed. The viewing of the celestial bodies by highly advanced telescopes showed red light being emitted. As it was known that the red spectrum in the band of the whole light spectrum is at extreme end this concluded that the bodies are moving further away. In other words the universe is expanding.

After this inference, the after thought emerged about beginning of the universe by conversely viewing the situation of the expanding universe that is of the time when universe was relatively shrunked. That is if the bodies are moving away from each other, then at some time they were close and further going back they would have originated from one point.

The Famous Big Bang theory says just this.That the universe was formed from one big explosion nicknamed as “Big Bang” which the big bang theory states and from that, the celestial bodies emerged and began moving away thus resulting in expansion of the universe.

With this background in mind, people have been witnessing the most expensive scientific experiment ever on the formation of universe which has caught headlines world wide.

The basic aim of the experiment is to find out about the formation of the universe and why is it so. What were the conditions just microseconds after the big bang happened which lead to the formation of the universe. The knowledge out of this question would help to understand better on the forces acting between the celestial bodies. More information on tiny particles quarks and gluons which were just a close cluster just after the big bang would be obtained. Reason for quarks being heavier when confined in larger particles like protons may be known.

For this purpose the scientists have tried to recreate the conditions like at that instant of time by a standard model to see what happens. For this, they have tried colliding atoms successfully to see what happens just microseconds after and watch other effects.

This has been done by using the world’s most powerful accelerator Large Hadron Collider, which is inside 17 mile tunnel lying 328 feel below the ground. It designed to generate nearly one billion collisions between protons per second at energy of 14 trillion electron volts. Also will it be able to create collisions between lead ions at energy of 1,150 TeV.

Mars Exploration by NASA complete (27 August 2008)

NASA's Mars Exploration is complete.The wheeling explorer had descended into the giant crater of Mars and had been there for nearly a year for examining the rocks layers.

Next is the inspection of losse cobbles on the plains.The vehicle named 'Opportunity' has six wheels and moves on the rought terrain of Mars analysing the samples from the surface for inspection.

India’s Prospective Space mission (21 August 2008)

Chandrayan-1 is the prospective unmanned mission to moon between October and December. This is planned to be undertaken in collaboration with seven other nations tying up with NASA.

ISRO spokesperson S Satish disclosed of this and a key pact was signed at the conference of International Lunar Users’ Group at Nasa’s Ames Research Center. In this regard, Devi Prasad Karnik represented India who is a space counselor linked to the Indian Embassy in Washington.

The other seven countries which have come into the fold of this mission are Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, France and Britain. This is obviously to pave way for new breakthroughs in this arena and send robotic expedition for a manned mission to the moon.

NASA will be extra benefited with indulgence of these countries apart from India which are keen for manned missions in course for future.

Finger Prints can diclose what chemical substance handled (11 August 2008)

Scientific advancement in criminology has a recent new breakthrough.Finger prints will further reveal the type of chemical substances handled by the suspect.By scrutinizing the impressions of the fingerprint by latest scientific means,detection of chemical traces of handled substances can be done.The traces are left on the ridges of the finger print pattern which are 5 parts per million of chemicals like cocaine,explosives or poisons etc. This has generated a wave in crimonolgy as apart from identity of the person still further handling of substances by him will be detectable giving a further feasibility in investigation process.

The different layers of fingerprints can be individually segregated too as the distribution of compounds found in each fingerprint can be unique.So one fingerprint can be "pulled" from beneath the other fingerprints individually identifying it with the identity of the suspect, and verifying the substances handled by him or her.

Bullet velocity regulated guns now (24 July 2008)

Early 19 century saw development of gun for delivering multiple loads in a single barrel in quick succession in the form of revolver. Now here's another turning point in this era-The development of gun for delivering multiple speed loads in a single barrel.

The project is in development stage and the US army is funding into its development.The gun is in development for delivering a velocity regulated shot either enough to just wound a subject or kill him depending upon the gun's setting.

The weapon is called Variable Velocity Weapon System and would be equipped by soldiers for riot controls and such duties.

The basic mechanism is that the mixture of liquid or gaseous fuel with air in a combustion chamber would cause the bullet to propel.The explosive capability would depend on the mixture choosed depending upon the setting for lethal or non lethal shot.

It makes one to think of the legal complications which can arise with it if there happens to be any sort of malfunction.With no bargain for margin of error in such cases, but possible involvement of laws of probability like in everywhere, its legal aspects have to be clealy defined.Among various other factors,the deciding factor for a velocity setting to be a non lethal one especially for a particular target subject in certain health, built and gender is a matter of debate. Lately with the news of the death of one by tazer gun used by police in US further causes us to reflect just how complicated legal formalities may have to be before the implementation of this Variable Velocity Weapon System commences in actuality.

Petrol shortage? Here’s seems an alternative. (29 June 2008)

Lately lot of media interest has aroused over the use of water powered car. As the name sounds, the car is purely powered by water. Surprising as it sounds but real, the basic idea employed is the electrolysis of water. Electrolysis which is basically passing of current through a solution, as here, water, breaks it into two elements that is oxygen and hydrogen. So oxygen and hydrogen become substitute for gasoline and there you are. Though still it is in preliminary stage of experimentation, there are lot of factors which have to be further enhanced most importantly the speed and power thrust. Though it still runs cool at about 80 kilometers in some models.

Sports News

Indian Boxer Vijender gets bronze (22th August 2008)

Indian boxer Vijender got bronze as he lost in the semi final bout. His opponent did some good footwork and reach. Vijender did however fought gallantly to carry the fight till the fourth round. Emilio, a two-time Pan-American Champion from Cuba had taken an edge over India’s Vijender in the third round.

The Phelp's Midas touch-eight gold medals but with grit. (21th August 2008)

Eight gold medals in single Olympics- Michael Phelps has surpassed the record of Olympic legend Mark Spitz who won seven gold medals in 1970 Olympics and eight is now a new bench mark. A swimmer whose feat will be engraved in history with time has been the talk of the town, no...planet. With Olympic craze across the globe, the American Swimmer was in his best form and had won the seventh gold by hundredths of a second against Serbian swimmer Milorad Cavic who was sided with silver.

Wrestler Sushil Kumar gets bronze for India (20th August 2008)

In wrestling, India has something to cheer about as wrestler Sushil Kumar won bronze. He defeated Kazkhastan’s Spiridonav in 66 Kg freestyle wrestling at the Beijing Olympics.
Before this India had won bronze in 1952 when wrestler Khashabha Jadhav won that year.
In the Athens Games Sushil stood14th and he was ranked seventh in the 2007 World Championship.
This is for the first time India has won two medals in the same Olympics.

Olympics creating new waves of History (18th August 2008)

Eighth gold medal went to Phelps in Beijing Olympics.China got another eight in total for a Games-leading total of 35 which is seen as best in history.China eight golds in 37 medal events on sunday the 17th was at its best.

As of now, Americans have 31 medals with 12 golds.In total U.S team has 19 total golds and holds a 65-61 lead over China. In rowing China bagged first gold ever in the category of women's quadruple sculls and added victories in men's gymnastics,women's wrestling,table tennis,diving and badminton.

Britian got two golds in sailing,one in rowing and one is cycling having a total of 11.

Rafael Nadal bagged gold for spain making it a second one for the country when he defeated Fernando Gonzalez of Chile in the men's singles tennis final.

In women's doubles,Venus and Serena Williams won the women's doubles title for the US and Elena Dementieva got gold .Russian bagged all medals in singles category in women section.

Usain Bolt of Jamaica won the men's 100 meters in a world record time of 9.69 seconds while in women Shelly-Ann Fraser won in the 100 for Jamaica.Sherone Simpson and Kerron Steward shared silver.

The oldest olympic champion at the age of 38 was Constantina Tomescu of Romania won the women's marathon.

In Hammer throw, Primoz Kozmus won in men's for Slovenia,Francoise Mbango Etone won for Cameroon defending her title successfully.

Russia's Fulnara Galkina Samitova bettered her world record winning the women's 3000 steeplechase and kenenisa Bekele led an Ethiopian 1-2 finish in the men's 10.000 meters.

Britta Steffen won 50-meter freestyle edging Torres by .01 second preventing the 41 year old American from becoming the oldest swimmer to win an olympic gold medal.

Oussama Mellouli of Tunis won in 1500 freestyle.

Indian Boxer Akhil Reaches quarter final in Olympics. (16th August 2008)

Can India add another medal in its stride? The undiminishing hope to last always,yet again got rekindled when Akhil Kumar of India won to reach the quarter final in 54 Kg category in a boxing bout.The boxer from Haryana, needs to win quarter final encounter to win olympic medal.

Akhil boxed aggressively to cover his lag to 7-8 and then to 9-9 in the last round due to some pounches which earned him points.

Coach GS Sandhu expressed confidence in him and hoped that he would be able to make another cheer for India after Abhinav Bindra who won gold in shooting.

Abhinav Bindra bags first ever individual gold for India in Beijing Olympics (11th August 2008)

Abhinav Bindra has claimed first ever individual gold medal for India in shooting. A composed Bindra was in all cheers after receiving the medal. Bindra is 25 and has won gold in the 10m air rifle event at the Beijing Games on Monday.

He is a Khel Ratna awardee and had earlier won the gold medal in 2002 Commonwealth Games in the pairs event and silver in the individual event.

The Indian Olympic association has hailed at this moment of pride and the President and the Prime Minister have conveyed their congratulatory messages on his winning the gold in this Olympics.

Monika Devi fails Dope test (6th August 2008)

Weightlifter from India had to backtrack on her participation in the Olympics on account for failing in dope test. Monika was categorized in 69 Kg category in this year's Olympics. It is scheduled to start from 8th August to 24th of this month.She had won silver medal for the country by winning silver and two bronze at the Asian Championship in Japan.

Anand wins Mainz chess title for record 11th time (4th August 2008)

Viswanathan Anand exhibited his prowess yet again when he defeated Magnus Carlsen in the final of the 13th Grenkeleasing Rapid World Championship.Anand won the first two games of the four-game final.This was Anand's 11th win in Mainz. In the opening Anand won in 50 moves and so did he in the second game. In the third Anand again got the game into Sicilian and drew in 56 moves to complete the title.The fourth game was only 11 moves from Catalan and Anand won 3-1.

Vijay Singh wins the WGC Bridegestone invitation (4th August 2008)

Vijay Singh of Fiji, won the WGC Bridgestone invitational by one shot at Firestone country Club on Sunday. This is his first world victory in the World Golf Championship event.

Sharapova will not be in the Beijing Olympics (1st August 2008)

Shoulder injury has forced tennis player Maria Sharapova of Russia to pull out of Beijing Olympics.She injured herself when playing against Marta Domachowska of Poland during WTA tournament,the match in which she won. She confirmed of her non participation in the Beijing Olympics to the reporters and expressed anguish over it.

Asif disqualified for Champions trophy amid doping scandal (14th July 2008)

Pakistani cricket player Asif, got into fresh doping scandal in which he tested positive for banned substance.PCB's chief operation officer expressed his disgust in the turn out of the event. Asif however has claimed his innocence over the issue. His probability of inclusion into the Champions Trophy is ruled out.The IPL did comparasion of result from the WADA approved laboratory of Switzerland with the information obtained by IDTM and result was positive. Upon verification it was revealed that Asif had not intimidated and applied for exemption for banned medications, that is for Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).This has complicated his legal status.

With the extra twist of events with this,the disclosure of Asif's name in doping charge has caused annoyance to the Pakistan Sports Medicine Association.They called it a violation as per WADA rules because player should not be named on doping charges without the analysis of his 'B' sample in his presence or his legal and medical representative.This was stated by Danish Zaheer the head of the Pakistan Medicine Association.

In response to this accusation, IPL has denounced any kind of violation saying that it was done in order for the player to stand out for consenting to further verification, in his presence, of his B sample.This might give him a chance to disprove of the doping allegations if they come out negative at next instance.

Rafael Nadal adorns the Wimbledon crown (9rd July 2008)

On Sunday a Wimbleldon history got a silver streak for Spain,when the spaniard Rafael Nadal won the wimbledon championship against Roger Federer.Nadal snatched the matched by 6-4,6-4,6-7(5),6-7(8),9-7.

What is unusual of this match is that it happens to be the longest one ever as per the records.

Nadal is the only spaniard to win the wimbledon title after Manuel Santana who won in 1966.

Bjorn Borg of Sweden is the only one to win both french and wimbledon titles in the same year before Nadal in 1980.

Venus William defeats Serena Williams to lift wimbledon title (9rd July 2008)

Venus Williams defeated sister Serena Williams to become the wimbledon champion.

Recognizing the impact of Sanitation on Public Health, poverty reduction, economic and social development and the environment United Nations launched 2008 as the International Year of Sanitation to accelerate progress for 2.6 billion people worldwide who are without proper sanitation facililites. India is a signatory to this resolution. The central objective of the International Year of Sanitation is to put the global community on track to achieve the sanitation MDG.India is committed to achieve this objective on a time bound manner and has set out its own goals. As against the UN target to halve the proportion of people without success to basic sanitation by 2015 as defined in the Johannesburg Plan of Action India is committed to increase the sanitation cover from present 50% to cent percent by 2012 AD.