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Jagdish Tytler

Jagdish Tytler known for his alleged accused for making anti-sikh remarks and responsible for anti-sikh riots in 1984 Delhi is a senior leader of Indian National Congress and also member of Indian Parliament.

H S Phoolka lawyer of Jagdish Tytler was caught into trouble when Jagdish Tytler accused him of demanding money. However Phoolka filed a case against Jagdish Tytler for not making such demands, still Jagdish Tytler was granted bail in this case; after the bail plea the CBI officials closed this case stating that no evidence or eyewitness was there for such riots.

Recently in 2009 he was given clean chit in this case the CBI submitted the full investigation report to the court. Soon after the court's decision many sikh supporters gathered in front of the court protesting the order

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