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Do agree with the SC judgment that adult couples have the right to live together without marriage ?
  Yes. Live in relationships were now even recognized by the legislature 62.00 % (31)
  It is a complex social and emotional issue. 28.00 % (14)
  There is very less protection for women. 8.00 % (4)
  No. There could be legal problems if the relationship breaks down 2.00 % (1)
Total votes: 50

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JOGODOTTAM CHATTERJEE - 19/05/2018 11:08
yes, I do agree with the motion. Also I believe that Legislature should come up with a piece of legislation in consonance with the SC verdict in order to avoid future complexities also.
I also believe that time has come when we should respect the demands of the society. We should receive the light from whatever sources it comes but we have to use those lights according to our social values, ethics and morality.
Hari - 15/05/2018 15:15
Yes. India is modernising, marriage is just emotional and mutual contract

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