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Was Kerala government unprepared for floods ?
  Not just Kerala, most of the Indian states are unprepared for any disaster. 48.28 % (14)
  Kerala floods is an example of human disregard for nature and climate. 34.48 % (10)
  Yes. Kerala was totally unprepared for any rain and water related disasters. 10.34 % (3)
  It is a result of climate change. 6.90 % (2)
Total votes: 29

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Rajani Aloor - 23/08/2018 16:15
the flood in Kerala can be observed as a result of many factors ranging from climate change, insensitivity of people and the system in treating the environment, the incapability to predict and handle calamity properly
Vinay - 20/08/2018 09:43
It is a funny thing, rains and floods are unprecedented in Kerala. When we take 100-year rainfall data, Kerala often received unusually heavy rainfall, but people are now linking it to climate change and sorts of theories
Kanchan - 20/08/2018 09:41
Kerala floods are also an example of mismanagement of reservoirs

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