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Can MeToo campaign bring about a change ?
  Yes. It offers women the courage to speak about her bad experience. 50.00 % (17)
  It has no clear direction and some women are pushing the campaign to their own direction. 26.47 % (9)
  It is an international phenomena and could change the attitude of men. 14.71 % (5)
  No. It could derail or destroy a mans life with just a single allegation. 8.82 % (3)
Total votes: 34

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Sangeetha - 15/10/2018 04:23
Yes. Sure.. Give the victims a channel to talk, let it out, and express their feelings. Victims need to be heard, right? Just because the bad guys walk free, doesn’t mean it is over.
Vikas - 15/10/2018 04:22
One must realise that being a woman, it takes great amount of will power and courage to confess your story.

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