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Are devotees right in protesting against entry of females in Sabarimala Temple ?
  They think that verdict is an infringement of their religious beliefs. 53.03 % (35)
  The protest is against the verdict as they believe customs should be protected. 30.30 % (20)
  They are not respecting the verdict of the Supreme Court. 9.09 % (6)
  They believe rituals are not based on male chauvinism. 7.58 % (5)
Total votes: 66

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ullas.u.krishnan - 29/10/2018 03:24
People should not interfere in the traditional matters to make them self publicity in news and social media.*If anyone enters there home and if they tell them not to follow there traditions will they accept it*
Vinitha Patel - 22/10/2018 05:08
You should remember that the decision of Sabarimala of barring women of the age group of 10-50 years from entering the temple was an “essential and integral” practice of a religious denomination.
Ram - 22/10/2018 05:07
Lord Ayyappa of the Sabarimala temple has “celibate character”, it cannot remain “oblivious” of the fact that the entry of women in the age group of 10-50 was barred on “physiological ground” of menstruation.

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