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Will BJPs defeat in the recent assembly elections hurt the party's chance in 2019 ?
  BJP must sense the inevitable and take corrective measures. 52.17 % (12)
  BJP faced anti-incumbency in all three states. 21.74 % (5)
  Yes. The assembly elections tested the invincibility of the Modi and Shah duo. 17.39 % (4)
  Hindi heartland slipped out of the BJP's grip, but not the country 8.70 % (2)
Total votes: 23

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Sonia Devi - 17/12/2018 09:58
The results of Assembly elections will have minimal impact on the outcome of Lok Sabha elections in these three states in 2019.
Vaikund - 17/12/2018 09:57
It would be too early to arrive at a decision that the defeat in the Assembly polls would easily translate into similar outcome in these states when the electorate cast their votes for choosing the government at the Centre in 2019.

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