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Do you agree with the government decision to rename Andaman Islands?
  It is never a good practice to keep changing names of places often. 42.42 % (14)
  There is nothing wrong to rename the islands. 30.30 % (10)
  Islands are renamed after the freedom fighters. 18.18 % (6)
  These are colonial names given by the British Government. 9.09 % (3)
Total votes: 33

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Kushi - 31/12/2018 09:59
Some people always think the BJP government is doing wrong things by renaming the cities. I don't think it is political move. When we observe carefully we can notice, names of Congress leaders like Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi are mentioned for stadiums, trophies, achievement..
Ravi Kiran - 31/12/2018 09:56
There is nothing wrong to rename place. There are many places which bear the name given by British government.

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