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Should India avenge Pulwama terror attack ?
  India has a lot of options to respond to Pakistan terror network. 47.73 % (21)
  Yes. India must use air power and a surgical strike. 18.18 % (8)
  No. Indian army must wait and plan for a strong armed strike. 18.18 % (8)
  It will be a national shame, if no action is taken. 15.91 % (7)
Total votes: 44

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rajat kesari pradhan - 23/02/2019 19:00
yes. we have full authority to save our country against any attack. our action against terror should be significant. we do not have more patience to see tear our martyr families eyes.
Rakesh Ranjan - 18/02/2019 09:59
I believe surgical strikes in a new combination which could lead to a limited conflict between Ind and Pak.
Ramesh - 18/02/2019 09:49
We could expect good reaction from the BJP government has to face the people for fresh election before May this year.

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