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Is the demand that India should not play Pakistan in the World Cup justified?
  Boycotting a World Cup game is not going to offer any solution. 37.04 % (10)
  Yes. Nationalism is more important than Sports. 33.33 % (9)
  BCCI will follow the govt guidelines on bilateral cricket with Pakistan. 18.52 % (5)
  No. India should certainly fight Pakistan, but not at the pitch. 11.11 % (3)
Total votes: 27

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Vineet - 25/02/2019 09:49
Lives of the jawans are more important than cricket.India should not play Pakistan in the World Cup. India are powerful enough to win the World Cup without having to play Pakistan
Samivel - 25/02/2019 09:48
It is a serious issue, if India don't play Pakistan then they will get the points of the match and if it is final, it could be a worse outcome, the latter will win the World Cup without even playing..

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