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Did the IAF Pilot Abhinandan release defuse the current tension between Ind and Pak ?
  Pakistan will continue to support the terror networks in PoK. 52.94 % (18)
  No. Pak PM Imran Khan appeal for peace is temporary. 20.59 % (7)
  Difficult to forget the Pakistan aggressive action in the past. 17.65 % (6)
  Yes. Pak PM Imran Khan has invited for dialogue. 8.82 % (3)
Total votes: 34

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Sanchit - 02/03/2019 14:31
We must observe that Pakistan cannot be trusted that the past incidents show that Pakistan would not easily give up its use of terror against India.............. !!!!
Raghu - 02/03/2019 14:30
India must permit talks only when it is held when Pakistan stops the export of terror to India.

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