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Will the Biopic film on PM Modi create an impact on elections ?
  No. Let the election commission take the decision. 39.71 % (27)
  It is aimed at influencing voters ahead of Lok Sabha elections. 38.24 % (26)
  Yes. Several parties have objected to the timing of its release. 17.65 % (12)
  We must check whether anyone related to BJP has funded the film. 4.41 % (3)
Total votes: 68

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Sanchit - 03/04/2019 11:51
One must observe that the most direct and evident harm is that a biopic on the prime ministerial candidate of the incumbent government has received indirect support in terms of a tacit approval sought by filmmakers amounting to a possible disguised attempt to canvass for votes.
Venkata Subramanium - 03/04/2019 11:49
The biographical drama based on the life of BJP’s Prime Minister Candidate Narendra Modi has been in controversy ever since it was announced.

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