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Will the promises of BJP election manifesto 2019, help them to remain in power?
  Yes. It is a practical and real manifesto to make India strong. 41.05 % (39)
  No. None of the promises can be fulfilled. 28.42 % (27)
  All politicians make promises to remain in power. 15.79 % (15)
  It is too late, BJP has already failed in several sections. 14.74 % (14)
Total votes: 95

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Upen Gupta - 11/04/2019 11:14
We must try to understand the work style of politicians! I think we don't have any other option than BJP.
In this connection everything is not possible in such short time; we have to wait for another 5 years to look change by BJP Government.
BJP is trying best as per my perspective; for all round development of the Nation.

Even other party also does not have professionalism to change the state; only criticism should not be the POINTS.
We are more than 125 CR. how it is possible to short out the all problem in this short period, but BJP is making a WAY of MOVEMENT in the country; for purpose of only DEVELOPMENT.

sunil jangir - 09/04/2019 15:24
bjp is the best
Rathi Agnihotri - 08/04/2019 14:53
BJP promotes crony capitalism..But it uses Hindutva mask to project itself as a patriotic party...
Shahir - 08/04/2019 14:52
BJP has missed its opportunities to develop India in several terms..

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