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Are the allegations against CJI hurting the credibility of the judiciary?
  Let the law take its course on this matter. 31.25 % (10)
  Yes. This is the first time sexual allegations are levied on CJI. 28.12 % (9)
  It is a complex conspiracy against CJI Ranjan Gogoi. 21.88 % (7)
  It is an unprecedented assault on the Indian judiciary. 18.75 % (6)
Total votes: 32

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jalaj - 27/04/2019 14:56
women have to come forward to speak up against the harassment they are facing. Silence never solved anything
Ranjana - 22/04/2019 11:20
Women do need to speak up against acts like sexual harassment and women and other employees need to know what the true meaning of this act in letter and spirit
Ram Kumar - 22/04/2019 11:19
With sexual harassment allegations against Gogoi, the spotlight is back on similar cases, with the highest judicial office in the country coming under scrutiny for its failure to protect its female staff

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