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Who should be Delhi CM?
  Give Kejriwal another chance. 65.13 % (424)
  Bring in Kiran Bedi and give her a chance. 31.49 % (205)
  Get back Sheila Dixit. 3.38 % (22)
Total votes: 651

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Anand Kumar - 14/02/2015 16:03
Kejriwal win the delhi
Md.Asif - 11/02/2015 10:06
we want to rule kejriwal sir
KOM - 09/02/2015 19:34
New CM would be A.Kejriwal..Please ensure public safety when you rule as a Chief Minister of Delhi. Let North East Indian community feel like their Home. Thanks.
T C YASHWANTH - 09/02/2015 15:40
first of all we must think keenly that a educated & well known of our present country situation ,so she should be given the chance of becoming c.m of delhi even she deserves that................................
..so pls let herto be so..@@@@@@@@@@@yk
pallavi chauhan - 09/02/2015 15:36
Mr. Kejriwal should win because i feel he is one of the educated and worthy person to hold this position. As i am a civil services aspirant i believe one who is dedicated towards the society should win and he ll do so honestly...so i just hope him to win.

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