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Is Banning Instant Noodles like Maggie and Top Ramen enough for food safety?
  We should test more products at regular intervals 37.92 % (336)
  Make the food regulating bodies stronger 26.30 % (233)
  What about vegetable & fruit tampering in the local market that's more dangerous 18.62 % (165)
  Everything in India has an overdose of Toxin, why target noodles? 7.11 % (63)
  Ban foreign products 6.21 % (55)
  This is a gimmick and may be these brands are being targeted 3.84 % (34)
Total votes: 886

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khyati patel - 02/10/2015 17:40
not only maggie we should also ban chinese products as well. STill the usage of harmful products like dold drinks is not good for health. According to me Indian desi items are more than enough for good health and rest all the products should be banned.
vipul bokde - 29/07/2015 16:47
we should test more products at regular intervals. because no product can be safe if we do not take further responsibility to taste. in India there is lots of defective product which may be affects persons in the form of diseases , not only noodles or junk foods are not enough to test we have take some reponsibility to take further action via fssai nowadays there is ample companies who misdirect their customers by their fake informations which would be not safe. nowadays msg elements which is found in every packet. we need to take serious action on this to improve our food security.
R Perween - 24/07/2015 22:57
Regulatory authorities have enough power but don't use it to the advantage of the masses because of the prevalent laziness in the Indian executive and bureaucrat body. The regulatory bodies must be made to submit regular reports and other measures should be taken to see that they aren't lacking in doing their job. Maggi was a widely consumed product, one of the most famous of its kind and toxins being found in it are a great setback to not only the health of the nation but its image as well.
Raghvendra - 23/07/2015 15:15
Testing of Maggi and consequent banning i an eye opener. It is high time that food regulating body in india must be given more power and food products as well as vegetables in local market need to be tested before launching these in the market for sell and consumption. The effort of government in strengthening these bodies to make the India more health conscious will be highly appreciable.
Garima - 23/07/2015 10:39
Every product in the market should be tested as most of them are contaminated. But the banning of only these brands seems some different issue as these are found safe in other countries and are being exported there.

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