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Are Indians Patriotic by Nature?
  Yes, we are very patriotic. 30.49 % (186)
  It's limited to Independence Day & Republic Day. 18.03 % (110)
  People have generally become selfish, obsessed and do not care about the country. 17.87 % (109)
  There are still many who are willing to give up their lives for the country and therefore they join the armed forces. 16.07 % (98)
  Most Indians do not take pride in their Country. 7.87 % (48)
  We really don't care and respond only to the media. 6.56 % (40)
  Most join the forces for a better Life & Joy. 3.11 % (19)
Total votes: 610

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shubham agarwal - 01/09/2015 23:26
Today most of people are concerned with thier own well being only.
But not all are same, which is only thing running the country
manish kumar - 01/09/2015 03:20
Based on my experience,most of the indian are willing to do for the nation irrespective of their religion and some divert due to other influence.
Masood - 31/08/2015 22:45
I think we are patriotic by nature but presently we are in the shade of selfishness and it should be rooted out.
Texmex - 26/08/2015 06:48
Yes, we are patriotic and loyal to British government!
Sreelakshmi - 25/08/2015 14:38
We are patriotic if we do our duties and respect the important aspects of our country.

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