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Should an Indian prime minister travel so much outside India?
  Yes! We need to focus on the world and improve our foreign relations and foreign policies. 72.75 % (726)
  No! When will he focus on Indian issues? 17.43 % (174)
  Modiji is wasting the tax payers money. 7.62 % (76)
  India is getting so much free publicity. 2.20 % (22)
Total votes: 998

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sanjeevcheera - 18/10/2015 07:42
He is doing a good. Job. Making good relations with forien countries for development
khyati patel - 02/10/2015 17:36
Indian prime minister Mr. modi ji is alwys flying but he should also focus on Indian issues as well because the first main priority is Indiands foreign relations are also necessary but he also ha to makefocus on local issues as well. he had already made so much connections but now it is high time for hhim to get focus on main Indian issues.
Ravindran P - 25/09/2015 23:29
It is great to watch how our PM builds stable relations with important natins around the world.
He deserves all praises but at the same time I would like his presence here as our country never short of issues.
akash - 24/09/2015 12:08
Our prime minister is doing a good job. H
abishek - 24/09/2015 07:38
our pm not only building relationships but also making it stronger by making them to invest in india and also following their grades in major developmemt projects

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