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Government is thinking of handing over maintenance of Ganga river to contractors. Is it a correct approach?
  c) Special task force should be created 40.11 % (73)
  a) Yes it is a correct approach 32.42 % (59)
  b) No it is not a correct approah 13.74 % (25)
  d) Foreign companies should be hired for this 13.74 % (25)
Total votes: 182

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A venkatesh - 11/03/2016 21:00
only thing we can undestand from this... is the person who is along with his/her parents will be very healthy than the person who is living in a private hostel.......if it is necessary it should be in proper manner........
sudha - 11/03/2016 16:31
yes, it is good approach. but need to take care that funds not to be misutilized,
rahul - 03/03/2016 12:31
I think It is a good approach as contractors will be private which in turn will optimize the work. Government needs to keep some checks in place so that contractors don't indulge in malpractices of cost manipulation
kunal kumar - 02/03/2016 12:35
Maintenance of Ganga is our first priority in clean india and it is acheive only under the govt. of india.If any thired party is come in this project govt. loss his direct control on the project ganga and also it may be costly .So it isn't a correct approach regarding project ganga . therefore a special task force is the best option to perform the work.
Haridwar Y - 01/03/2016 11:07
Dear Sir,
Giving this work to contractor would be an attempt to ruin this work because they are there for their profits or a major party in sharing the profits. they are highly involved in looting the country. A special task force would be a better approach with less and less work by contractors.
Haridwar Y

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