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As per Supreme Court's directive will Vijay Mallya disclose his assets?
  a) Yes he will abide by the Supreme Court's order 58.82 % (10)
  d) Cannot say as it is personal decision 17.65 % (3)
  b) No he has left the country and will never return back 11.76 % (2)
  c) He may or may not abide by the SC order 11.76 % (2)
Total votes: 17

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balpreet singh - 23/04/2016 19:26
rather asking this question we should ask why not he will do that .is he above the law and order supreme court is a supreme power ,it can make malaya cry on his knees if it wants
gs - 21/04/2016 21:26
He may disclose his assets but when and how he is going to do it is still a question

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