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Liquor Ban - Will Bihar show the way to the country
  a) Yes it nice move to control this social problem 54.84 % (51)
  b) Not good move, prohibition will not work 30.11 % (28)
  d) It's just a political gimmick 9.68 % (9)
  c) It may or may not work 5.38 % (5)
Total votes: 93

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Dilip Kumar Jha - 24/08/2016 09:48
Liquor is a curse/evil to the society. I appreciate the Bihar Government for banning it. It will save the life of the people and money also and these money could be utilized for different work. But the Government made a mistake that it has not increases the sources of income and implemented increased taxes on various things which will give the burden to the society. Of course it will show the way to the country but govt should think about the revenue loss which was occured after banning the liquor.
Bhanu - 18/04/2016 22:01
It good and also bad

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