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Has IPL helped Indian cricket
  b) No its more commercial than sports, it has changed the face of cricket 45.87 % (50)
  a) Yes it has done huge service to this sports in the country 28.44 % (31)
  c) Many people are earning living through IPL, it's good for the sports 21.10 % (23)
  d) The craze for IPL is growing every year, youth want this sports that way 4.59 % (5)
Total votes: 109

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raushan s - 14/05/2016 21:54
Yes,This way is better for youth,and also creat a big opportunity for youth who donot selected in indian cricket team or other leg match and in really way this is change face of cricket..
ishrat - 11/05/2016 13:46
Definitely it has helped as we now have football league matches and kabaddi too. The system is spreading into other sports too.

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