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Do you agree that 'Swachh Bharat', 'Skill India' are transformative schemes?
  a) yes they are meant to transform india 44.97 % (76)
  c) these schemes look nice but hard to implement 34.91 % (59)
  d) these schemes can not produce short term results 15.98 % (27)
  b) no they are just show piece schemes 4.14 % (7)
Total votes: 169

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Dilip Kumar Jha - 24/08/2016 09:40
Definetely swachh bharat or Skill India are transformative scheme because it changed the thinking of the society. People are more focused towarrds cleanliness. Brothers are gifting "Sauchalaya " to their sisters on Rakshabandhan. People are taking care of this. Regarding skilll India now youth are more focused to skill oriented courses. They feel that skill is necessary. So in my opinion these are transformative schemes.
rohit sharma - 30/07/2016 10:08
we are also do work as like a Swachh Bharat in local area . our team name is jajba group in faridabad.we are doing social work his pokit money.some time we got public responses why we are join you .we have no spare time to spend.but we are do work continuous.
visnusudharsan - 27/07/2016 13:52
The new ad campaign, woven around the concept of children having emerged as significant influences in the behaviour of their parents, also associates the idea of cleanliness with the march of civilisation and progress.

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