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Is India's response to the Uri terrorist attack satisfactory?
  c) More action is needed on ground to take on Pakistan 56.67 % (51)
  a) Yes its only way to deal with Pakistan 22.22 % (20)
  d) India is over cautious in dealing with Pakistan 11.11 % (10)
  b) No its too little too late 10.00 % (9)
Total votes: 90

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shubham pandey - 30/09/2016 15:59
I also do not want violence but they forced me to do it
madhu sudhan gunapato - 30/09/2016 13:26
fighting in a violent way is not a solution.. because it results a big war between two nations. And it results loosing many people in two nations... pls be in peaceful way ..stop violence...

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