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Should the government release the pictures of surgical strikes to expose Pakistan's false propaganda?
  b) No, it may not esclate the matter further 39.78 % (72)
  a) Yes the government must do so to come clean 37.02 % (67)
  c) Only government is best judge to react in such matter 13.26 % (24)
  d) Can not comment on such sensetive matter 9.94 % (18)
Total votes: 181

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yihan - 26/10/2016 16:43
India did surgical strike in myan mar and pakistan.Pakistan says no surgical happen. Myanmar remain silent.Myanmar is poor and were given money to shut up.actually nothing happens in Myanmar also.the milititants that kill in Myanmar should be people of nagaland nscn (terror outfit).so no such dead news heard to their family. So it is totally false news ,nagaland people and manipur people laugh at indian army claim.
yihan - 26/10/2016 16:31
I think ,they should release it. it is so hard to believe it.even surgical strike done by india men in Myanmar. No one believe it.all the Indian neighbouring indian states with Myanmar laugh at it.is don't india habit the capabilities to do it
Deivasigamani - 24/10/2016 20:20
Army is an important share holder of the surgical strike, so government is not the sole player in deciding either to release the picture or not. If army agrees to release those pictures then the government can release it otherwise it should avoid such publications.
Ranit Das - 21/10/2016 20:35
I m not govt or political employee but I have seen the pics of surgical strike& dead bodies. Media hve those but they don't publish for its policy. Govt should not publish this photo officially as the subject is for national interest not for illiterate people who can tell anything for votebank.. Thnk u ..
ram - 16/10/2016 13:17
many more surgical strike must be conducted this only the best way to put an end for the pak and destroy ISIS surgical strike must very confidential

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