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Surgical Strike on black money hinted by PM is a good idea?
  a) Yes its very good idea 49.19 % (61)
  c) Maybe its right move but has to be done with caution 41.13 % (51)
  d) Can not say its very sensative issue 5.65 % (7)
  b) No it will create panic in the stock market 4.03 % (5)
Total votes: 124

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Prajeesh Tharayil - 09/11/2016 12:23
brave decision by Modiji..
all the best ..
mickey - 27/10/2016 08:54
namo ki maayaa namo hi jaaney
yihan - 26/10/2016 16:57
It should be determine instead not determined.sorryou for the typing.I hab a huge respect for narendra modi.jai hind
yihan - 26/10/2016 16:52
What is to be believed in politics. Even their own party people involved in such black money scam. expose to the masses means bad image to their party also but yes...... Narendra modi look promising not determined for the country development.
Satyam Singh - 26/10/2016 05:56
it was the most louder issue in PM's agenda before arrival into the power, but accomplishment still requires a bold management and cooperation from all around.

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