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Will India become cashless society after demonetization?
  It can happen both ways,both may co exists 35.24 % (37)
  Yes demonitazation will lead to cashless society 33.33 % (35)
  No because cash is very important means of transaction 25.71 % (27)
  It is very difficult to predicit the future 5.71 % (6)
Total votes: 105

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Prema - 28/11/2016 15:06
Yes, India is about to become a cashless society. After Demonetization the Indian citizens are running after money. The ATMs are left dry and empty and Banks now have the older look when we did not have ATM machines. We are unable to do instant financial management. The idea of demonetization might seem to very good and beneficial but have affected the daily routine. Hence it won't be wrong saying a Cashless Society.

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