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Aadhaar debate: Is right to privacy fundamental?
  Yes 39.44 % (28)
  No 36.62 % (26)
  May be 23.94 % (17)
Total votes: 71

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Sandeep Singh Baghel - 25/08/2017 11:51
Yes, Right to Privacy is fundamental, Government should not curtailment of services for not updating the records with aadhar. either government should abolish all other I cards issued for voting, DL, PAN. Passport and all in one card should be issued. I am in the opinion govt cannot force an individual that he will not get banking, telcom, electricity, resistration of land records unless he submits his addhar details. I agree government to use aadhar for transfering the DBT benefits to beneficiaries. Like if i want LPG subsidy i have updated my aadhar in account in which i wish to avail subsidy, than what is the need to update the records in all bank account, account has been opened by banks after meeting all kyc guidelines issued by RBI.

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