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UP CM should take moral responsibility for the infantís death in Gorakhpur Hospital?
  Yes he should accept government's failure 75.34 % (55)
  No he should not admit any such mistake 19.18 % (14)
  Cannot make any judgment on this issue 5.48 % (4)
Total votes: 73

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vivek - 26/08/2017 18:13
hospital administration is totally responsible for this failure of infant death in gorkahpur hospital.
Avinash Pratap Singh - 23/08/2017 23:22
CM during his arrival in BRD hospital gave proposal to ask any need in hospital , but there was no any demand for oxygen supply ...
So , hospital officials are totally responsible .
Hakkim - 17/08/2017 20:43
Its totally govt irresponsibility
Ishrat Akhter - 17/08/2017 20:19
surely he should take responsibility of the detahs after the news broke, because by then he should have ordered the children to be shifted to another hospital or should have made sure oxygen supply or any other issues were sorted.

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