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Are the people happy about BJP government performance?
No. BJP has failed in several issues.
Yes. People are happy about the performance of the BJP Govt.
Agriculture problems and unemployment issues are still unsolved.
There is an anti incumbency wave against BJP govt.
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rakesh vishwakarma - 20/03/2019 07:12
Vivek - 18/03/2019 04:32
No difference between Congress and BJP.. We cannot do anything.. but to choose between the best among the worst.... !!!!
Rajendar - 18/03/2019 04:31
You know that many still believe.. demonetisation and GST was designed to help remove small companies . there by encourage crony capitalists
Ram swamy - 18/03/2019 04:30
Not happy with BJP but satisfied enough with some of the scheme of the Modi..
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