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Whatsapp Group for Civil Service Aspirants

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This group will act as a best guide for civil service aspirants. Please join our whatsapp and telegram groups for UPSC groups studies.

IAS Coaching in Mumbai

Name: Mehroz Sangram
Subjects:History and Arts

Name: Siddharth gavhane

Name: Kiran Dharamsing Rathod
Address: Aurangabad
City: Aurangabad
State: Maharashtra
Phone: 9922757795
E-Mail: kdrathod242@gmail.c
Subjects: mpsc

Name: Ashutosh Tarpe
Address: Begumpura
City: Aurangabad
State: Maharashtra
Phone: 8793556110
E-Mail: ashutarpe00787@gmail.com
Subjects: Upsc, Mpsc

Name: Rahul
Address: Aurangabad
City: Aurangabad
State: Maharashtra
Phone: 7276640687
E-Mail: rathod.rahul14@gmail.com
Subjects: All subjects

Name: Rahul Gunjal
Address: Deolai Parisar
City: Aurangabad
State: Maharashtra
Phone: 9420478175
E-Mail: rahul161gunjal@gmail.com
Message: I am preparing online, I don''t believe in coaching and coaching institutes. Preparing since Aug 2016. Need someone to discuss with. Only serious aspirants please. Message me, I''ll call back. Please mention this site in message for my convenience.
Subjects: GS Sociology upsc english only

Name: Mariya
Address: Kkg
City: Aurangabad
State: Maharashtra
Phone: 9422185075
E-Mail: newaimbegins@gmail.com
Message: Arts
Subjects: Arts

Name: Arpan Zure
Address: Deolai Chowk.
City: Aurangabad
State: Maharashtra
Phone: 9405900320
E-Mail: arpanzure@gmail.com
Message: I am studying at medical college. I don''t get time for classes. So I will create whatsapp group ... Those are interested please inform me on my cell whatsapp number... I will add them. We will discuss everyday for atleast half an hour . Let us crack exams by blossoming flowers. i am interested in discussing each topic. Thanx friends
Subjects: UPSC

Name: Shraddha Bahekar
Address: Pusad Naka Mannasingh Chowk Road, Behind Tirupati Motors Showroom, Hariom Nagar
City: Washim
State: Maharashtra
Phone: 8421301683
E-Mail: bahekarshraddha06@gmail.com
Subjects: Upsc all

Name: Kankute Sheetal Shrirang
Address: Police Quarter,purna,dist.parbhani
City: Parbhani
State: Maharashtra
Phone: 9175517470
E-Mail: kankutesheetal1993@gmail.com
Subjects: upsc

Name: Swapnil Patil
Address: Bhausingpira
City: Aurangabad
State: Maharashtra
Phone: 8987855997
E-Mail: pswapnil189@gmail.com
Subjects: upsc all subject

Name: Vijay Lande
Address: Padegaon
City: Aurangabad
State: Maharashtra
Phone: 8806154393
E-Mail: landevijay94@gmail.com
Subjects: upsc all subjects

Name: Samuel
Address: Nandavan Colony
City: Aurangabad
State: Maharahtra
Phone: 9595949435
E-Mail: samuel.patole@gmail.com
Message: Group discussion and study together
Subjects: UPSC all

Name: Anup Bhalerao
Address: Pratap Nagar
City: Aurangabad
State: Maharashtra (mh) - India (in)
Phone: +919763941428
E-Mail: anup_bhale@yahoo.co.in
Subjects: upsc all subjects

Name: Nikita
Address: Station Road
City: Aurangabad
State: Maharashtra
Phone: 9579833685
E-Mail: nikitasha18@gmail.com
Message: if i don''t receive any call, kindly leave a message. i will call you back in that case.
Subjects: upsc all

Name: Abhijeet
Address: Bansilalnagar
City: Aurangabad
State: Maharashtra
Phone: 8698808540
E-Mail: drabhibjmc@gmail.com
Message: Currently working as assistant Commissioner of Sales tax
Subjects: sociology

Name: Sagar
Address: Shivaji Nagar
City: Aurangabad
State: Mh
Phone: 9975607622
E-Mail: neo_sagar53@rediff.com
Message: I would like to have group discussion with seriously preparing candidate. Im doing self study prep.
Subjects: upsc mpsc class 1-2

Name:Sandip Gore
Address: Aurangapura Aurangabad
City Aurangabad
State: Maharashtra
Phone: 9405119787
E-Mail: sandipgore89@gmail.com
Message: coaching for upsc
Subjects: upsc all

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