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This group will act as a best guide for civil service aspirants. Please join our whatsapp and telegram groups for UPSC groups studies.

Name: Ajay Ias
Address: Pidamenari
City: Dharmapuri
State: Tamilnadu
Phone: 9788660029
E-Mail: ajaynandhini1@gmail.com
Message: My aim is to crack the civil service exam in my first attempt I know this a difficult task..I''ll haul this hill and I hope me and withstand with my career I''m looking for a aspirant Like mee.
Subjects: History

Name: M.sreeshakthy
Address: 4/86b Amman Nagar
City: Krishnagiri
State: Tamil Nadu
Phone: 9092939467
E-Mail: m.sribtechit@gmail.com
Subjects: tamil,history

Name: Saravanakumar
Address: Mecheri,salem
City: Salem
State: Tamilnadu
Phone: 9787211129
E-Mail: iamsugakumar@gmail.com
Message: I want NCERT books for my preparation so help me to succeed
Subjects: Geography and Polity

Name: Murugesan G
Address: Pennagaram
City Dharmapuri
State: Tamil Nadu
Phone: 9943659842
E-Mail: murugesan@37yahoo.com
Message: i am teacher
Subjects: geography , tamil

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