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UPSC Group Study in Ernakulam

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Whatsapp Group for Civil Service Aspirants

Telegram Group for Civil Service Aspirants

This group will act as a best guide for civil service aspirants. Please join our whatsapp and telegram groups for UPSC groups studies.

Name: Anoop Sivaramakrishnan
Address: Thotathil Madom Chilavanoor Road Elamkulam
City: Ernakulam
State: Kerala
Phone: 9790090096
E-Mail: anoopsrk@yahoo.co.in
Message: Iam intrested in discussion of current affairs
Subjects: Pub Ad.

Name: Vishnu Sivan
City: Ernakulam
State: Kerala
Phone: 9947990660
E-Mail: visnhnusivan09@gmail.com
Message: intrested people for group study kindly contact
Subjects: all subjects

Name: Keerthi Mhari
Address: Keerthi Homeo College Road Chottanikkara Po
City: Ernakulam
State: Kerala
Phone: 9497367248
E-Mail: keerthymhari@gmail.com
Message: nothing
Subjects: maths

Name: Joyal Xavier
Address: Church Compound Chalil
City: Thalassery
State: Kerala
Phone: 8086997097
E-Mail: joyal04@gmail.com
Subjects: malayalam, geography

Name: Anish
Address: Kakkanad
City Cochin
State: Kerala
Phone: 9895049309
E-Mail: anishnair.pvm@gmail.com
Message: Looking for female aspirants only.
Subjects: Yet to choose

Name: Nanoosh Kumar E U
Address: Edathamaraparambil House
City Kochi
State: Kerala
Phone: 9995227123
E-Mail: nanooshkumar@yahoo.com
Subjects: Public Administration

Name: Alvin Thomas
City Ernakulam
State: Kerala
Phone: 9446416805
E-Mail: alvinthomas001@gmail.com
Subjects: public administration& sociology

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