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Whatsapp Group for Civil Service Aspirants

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This group will act as a best guide for civil service aspirants. Please join our whatsapp and telegram groups for UPSC groups studies.

IAS Coaching in

Name: Shubham Binjwa
State:Madhya Pradesh
Subjects:Optional Commerce and Accountancy

Name: Shyamu sahu
State:Madhya Pradesh

Name: Akash Kumar
State:Madhya Pradesh
Subjects:Polity optional

Name: Romil yadav
State:Madhya Pradesh

Name: Chhaya Paras
City: Indore
State: Madhya Pradesh
Phone: 9993987546
E-Mail: abhayparas84@gmail.com

Name: Mahesh
City: Indore
State: Madhya Pradesh
Phone: 8962372643
E-Mail: paresh.dmh@gmail.com
Subjects: Political Science

Name: Sanjay Sharma
Address: Near Bhavarkuan
City: Indore
State: Madhya Pradesh
Phone: 9015051459
E-Mail: sanjuciit1@gmail.com
Message: Looking for serious male civil services aspirant who is staying in indore . Group study and discussion is required.
Subjects: Gs all subject

Name: Apoorve Jain
Address: C 184 Rajendra Nagar
City: Indore Station
State: Madhya Pradesh
Phone: 9407542848
E-Mail: jainapoorve84@gmail.com
Message: Looking to discuss current affairs and study together
Subjects: Political science

Name: Anshul Saraf
Address: Anywhere In The City
City: Indore
State: M.p.
Phone: 9039374752
E-Mail: saraf.anshul9@gmail.com
Message: Currently working and studying together, always ready for small discussions, deep analysis on topics.
Subjects: Sociology,geography,history,polity

Name: Ajay Verma
Address: Navlakha
City: Indore
State: Madhya Pradesh
Phone: 07566666134
E-Mail: e-ajay.verma@hotmail.com
Message: Hello! I have been preparing for more than 2 years, had coachings from Delhi and now keeping up with self studies.. Would be great to get in a good study group..
Subjects: Polity, History, Geography, Economics, S&T, Env&BD, Current Affairs, Pub Ad, Management,

Name: Pratyush Jaiswal
Address: Near Greater Vaishali Nagar
City: Indore
State: Mp
Phone: 8889822984
E-Mail: pratyush_jai@rediffmail.com
Message: Study for IAS and SSC
Subjects: GS, Public Admin, Geography, Polity etc.

Name: Anurag
Address: Bhawarkua (near Tower Square)
City: Indore
State: Madhya Pradesh
Phone: 9770403090
E-Mail: anuragkala1998@gmail.com
Subjects: history, political science, geography

Name: Ashish Singh
Address: C-309 Gagan Dreams
City: Vasai, Thane
State: Maharashtra
Phone: 08390111081
E-Mail: ashishsingh.thakur789@gmail.com
Subjects: public ad science and technology

Name: Shashwat Singh
Address: Near Agarwal Public School,pipliyana
City: Indore
State: Madhya Pradesh
Phone: 919302570206
E-Mail: s.shashwat@gmail.com
Subjects:G.S,history, csat, economics, science n tech, enviornment

Name: Gaurav Gavshindhe
Address: Manormaganj Palasia Indore Mp
City Indore
State: MP
Phone: 9754717929
E-Mail: kuku1gavshindhe@gmail.com
Subjects: indian politics economy genral science english hindi indian history

Name: Vivek Singh
Address: Dewas Naka, Nipaniya
City Indore
State: M.p.
Phone: 09713170227
E-Mail: rewatisikhar153@gmail.com
Message: study for IAS
Subjects: history

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