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IAS Coaching in

Name: Harprit K Singh
Subjects:GS and Law

Name: Jaspreet Kaur
Address: Mohali
City: Mohali
State: Punjab
E-Mail: jaspreetkaur.ubs@gmail.com
Message: I have to start for preparing sociology , but i have no idea from where to start. Need some guidance.
Subjects: Looking for sociology

Name: Abhinav Mayank
Address: House No 1756 Phase 3b2
City: Mohali
State: Punjab
Phone: 09056123605
E-Mail: abhimayank90@gmail.com
Message: I want someone to discuss the issues and ideas which keeps evolving into my mind while studying different subjects and building relationship to current happenings
Subjects: History Geography and current affairs

Name: Suman Kumar
Address: Vinayaka Nagar .chennai
City Mohali
State: Punjab
Phone: 9566167350
E-Mail: sumanthecool@gmail.com
Message: i can any thing.
subjects: math

Name: Harpreet
Address: Sec69
E-Mail: itsharpreet@gmail.com
Subjects:PAdmin, Science

Name: Ashutosh Sharma
Address: Sunny Enclave,
City Mohali
State: Punjab
E-Mail: ashutosh0408@yahoo.co.in
Message: Hi guys. I have just finished my masters in pharmaceutical sciences and return back. I am planning to appera for civil services but kinda confused for the second subject I shud opt for between sociology and public administration as I dont have much idea about any of these subjects. Kindly help.
Subjects: history and otherone to choose

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