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This group will act as a best guide for civil service aspirants. Please join our whatsapp and telegram groups for UPSC groups studies.

IAS Coaching in

Name: Vipul kumar
Subjects:Civil engineering

Name: Ankur shandilya
Subjects:Anthropology and general studies

Name: sangeeta gupta

Name: Pradeep kumar
Subjects:Upsc Gs All subject

Name: Nitish kumar

Name: Prabhaker yadav

Name: N K Mishra

Name: Khushbu Singh
Address: Bharkatta, Giridih
City: Giridih
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 8100757470
E-Mail: khushbu.rik@gmail.com
Message: i am currently working

Name: Amit Joel
Address: Sector-9 Bs City
City: Bokaro
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 9801147187
E-Mail: amitjoel@mail.com
Subjects: GS n optionals

Name: Shubham Kumar Singh
Address: Sarovar Nagar,piska More
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 7979747791
E-Mail: shubhamsinghrajput1310@gmail.com
Message: would like to have a really aspiring group to discuss all about UPSE.
Subjects: Ba.political science (H)

Name: Vivek
Address: New Nagratoli , Near Womens College Science Block
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 8102815810
E-Mail: viveksinghsubir@gmail.com
Message: I am graduate and its my first step towards upsc, need for serious group and aspirant , who can help and accompany. if you are interested ping me up..
Subjects: PA , LAW

Name: John Kulla
Address: Jharkhand(ranchi)
City: Simdega
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 9774758634
E-Mail: johnkulla54@gmail.com
Message: B.A graduate
Subjects: IAS/UPSC all subjects.

Name: Sonal Kumar
Address: Jay Prakash Nagar
City: Dhsnbad
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 7372899581
E-Mail: sonalkumarsingh20@gmail.com
Message: I want dedicated IAS aspirants to study together
Subjects: english

Name: Haresh Anand
Address: Ranchi
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 9430380667
E-Mail: hareshanand29@gmail.com
Message: Graduate
Subjects: Upsc

Name: Abhishek Raja
Address: Ratu Road
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
E-Mail: abhishekraja85@gmail.com
Subjects: General studies

Name: Ajit Kumar Singh
Address: Ranchi, Bahubazaar
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 9835549244
E-Mail: ajitsiec244@gmail.com
Message: I am student of MSC comp. sci (plz suggest me which subject is better for IAS )
Subjects: geography and public administration

Name: Azad Kumar Singh
Address: Piska More
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 9631445456
E-Mail: azadsingh1492025@gmail.com
Message: I am preparing for Upsc and I want a group or right circle for it so,if you are .... Then call me
Subjects: history

Name: Vivek Raj
Address: Ratu Road
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 9534163754
E-Mail: vishu.cool2know@gmail.com
Message: Currently working in state government ....interested only goal seekers...
Subjects: HISTORY

Name: Srijan
Address: Flat-1a Silver Spring Hyder Ali Road Kokar
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 7209420930
E-Mail: srijankumar4@gmail.com
Message: Want someone to help me out
Subjects: Civil Enginering

Name: Sujeet Kumar
Address: Doranda Ranchi
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 787777980
E-Mail: s4sujeeh13@gmail.com
Message: I am preparing civil services need a serious group.only dedicated and hard worker can join me.
Subjects: geography

Name: Adarsh
Address: Kokar
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 09654776824
E-Mail: adarsh_online@yahoo.co.in
Message: presently in delhi but have decided to move back to ranchi after quitting job

Name: Ranjan
Address: Jail Road,ranchi
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 8521739098
E-Mail: iam.ranjankr@gmail.com
Message: Plz cal we ll study under one roof,i hv my own liberary with group,every intrested peopl can cal
Subjects: gs,pad

Name: Saheb Ganguli
Address: Barkakana
City: Ramgarh
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 9631121131
E-Mail: ganguly.saheb@gmail.com
Subjects: Public Administration

Name: Sudhir Kumar Singh
Address: Dt-1293, Near Bus Stand, Dhurwa, Ranchi
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 9798392428
E-Mail: superstarsudhirkumar@gmail.com
Message: Central Excise & Service Tax Employees
Subjects: HISTORY

Name: Rakesh Kr Burnwal
Address: Kokar
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 8252121914
E-Mail: burnwalrakesh.rkb@gmail.com
Message: I want a good group for preparing the ias exam
Subjects: geography

Name: Sandeep Kumar
Address: Bit Mesra, Mesra
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 7677742586
E-Mail: meetsandy19995@gmail.com
Subjects: computer science and engineering

Name: Paritosh Gupta
Address: Ratu, Ranchi
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 8409100350
E-Mail: tintin3112@gmail.com
Message: Need a serious group to study with...
Subjects: Sociology

Name: Salini
Address: Ranchi
City: Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 9504672981
E-Mail: gauti239@gmail.com
Message: hey i m very eager to join ias...is there any 1 who can study with me....only goal seekers nt time killers.
Subjects: geography

Name: Md Noman Faridi
Address: Kadru Ranchi
City Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 8674963643
E-Mail: nomanfaridi118@yahoo.com
Message: I am preparing for upsc 2015.need someone to study with
Subjects: mechanical engineering

Name: Ritesh Singh Choudhary
Address: Near Plaza Cinema/h.b Road Tharpakna.lalpur
City Ranchi
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 8092370948
E-Mail: ritesh8092370948@gmail.com
Message: right now doing graduation frm st.xavier ranchi, eager to join indian foreign service, just need a good group of serious people, with instinct\"nothing or evrthng\" i know we will make it.
Subjects: geography

Name: Sanjeev Kumar
Address: Parshnath
City Giridih
State: Jharkhand
Phone: 8092598474
E-Mail: sanjeevkmr209@gmail.com
Message: rachi
Subjects: anthropalogy

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