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This group will act as a best guide for civil service aspirants. Please join our whatsapp and telegram groups for UPSC groups studies.

IAS Coaching in

Name: P Ratnam
Address: Sompeta
City: Sompeta
State: Ap
Phone: 8082138069
E-Mail: pratnamreddy@gmail.com
Message: Sir, I am interesting UPSC exam.
Subjects: UPSC

Name: Santosh Kumar Sappa
Address: Gandhi Nagar,samalkota
City: Samalkota
State: Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 9848342423
E-Mail: santosh.ssk48@gmail.com
Message: I am studying my first year of graduation in BA.i did all research about the exam.currently preparing for prelims and as well as NTR VIDHYONATI SCHEME
Subjects: political science or philosopy

Name: Lavanya Lanka
Address: Gandhipuram
City: Rajahmundry
State: Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 7416765639
E-Mail: lankalavanya99@gmail.com
Message: i''m starting from zero and confident in cracking 2016 CSE.. join with me in my preparation online. let discuss on various topics as discussion matters and we can share the information and notes too
Subjects: not yet decided

Name: Raghu
Address: A.s & Co
City: Samalkot
State: Andhra
Phone: 09885304434
E-Mail: raghu9885786423@gmail.com
Subjects: Public Administration

Name: Saikiranrohith
Address: S/o Srinuvasarao Door No 3-26 Kanumolu Bapulapadu Mandel Krishna District
City Vijayawada
State: Andhrapradesh
Phone: 8106662109
E-Mail: saikiran_rohith@rediffmail.com
Message: Sir i study at btech second year everyone can be responce in my target ias i could have basic information not get in my confustion with optional subject
Subjects: not decide

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