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IAS Coaching in

Name: Ankit Shrivastava
State:Madhya Pradesh

Name: Avinash Meena
Address: 105 Mahesh Nagar Ankpat Marg
City: Ujjain
State: Madhya Pradesh
Phone: +919179979944
E-Mail: avinashsuwal@gmail.com
Message: i want to study together for upsc prepration''s i am eager to study together
Subjects: History Geography Polictical Science and all social Studies Subjects

Name: Praveen Gehlot
Address: 02, Nanakheda Purana Gaon Indore Road Ujjain(m.p.)
City: Ujjain
State: Madhya Pradesh
Phone: 918817104478
E-Mail: praveengehlot07@gmail.com
Message: Electronics & Communication Engineer.
Subjects: All Subjects

Name: Pooja Panchal
Address: Vishnu Colony Ujjain
City: Ujjain
State: Madhya Pradesh
Phone: 8103835643
E-Mail: poojapanchal462@gmail.com
Subjects: All subject

Name: Sandeep Garg
Address: Vasant Vihar
City: Ujjain
State: Mp
Phone: 9981299224
E-Mail: sandeepgarg1988@gmail.com
Message: GS very weak.smbdy hlp plss...
Subjects: all subjects

Name: Rajesh
Address: 368 Shastri Nagar Bhopal
City: Bhopal
State: M P
Phone: 8832933891
E-Mail: rajesh@gmail.com
Message: nil
Subjects: all subjects

Name: Megha Mehta
Address: C-38/3, Rishinagar (extension),ujjain-456010
City Ujjain
State: M.p.
Phone: 9993106617
E-Mail: pramathpataye@gmail.com
Subjects: All subjects

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