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This group will act as a best guide for civil service aspirants. Please join our whatsapp and telegram groups for UPSC groups studies.

Name: Harini

Name: Raveena
Subjects:Prilims and mains

Name: Siddoju Randheer
Address: Rangampeta, Warangal H No 15-2-175
City: Warangal
State: Telangana
Phone: 9000843347
E-Mail: ranadheersiddoju67@gmail.com
Subjects: Geography

Name: Nayak
Address: Kishanpura..warangal
City: Warangal
State: Telangana
Phone: 8332091665
E-Mail: gadharj009@gmail.com
Message: Let's begin
Subjects: Botany...political science

Name: Harish
Address: Opp:shyamala Gardens,tngo''s Colony,hanmakonda
City: Warangal
State: Telangana
Phone: 9000126230
E-Mail: chippaharish@gmail.com
Message: I had completed my coaching for civils with geography as optional.
Subjects: Geography,Economy,History.

Name: Afroz
Address: Warangal
City: Warangal
State: Telangana
Phone: 9573180184
E-Mail: afrozkhan0937@gmail.com
Subjects: geography

Name: Srikanth
Address: Opp Nitwarangal
City: Hanumakonda
State: Telangana
Phone: 9884183427
E-Mail: bskotch27@gmail.com
Subjects: geography

Name: Kundan
Address: Hno 24-5-265,nit Post
City: Warangal
State: Telangana
Phone: 9547010646
E-Mail: kundana6@gmail.com
Message: im doing my btech 3rd yr
Subjects: public administration

Name: Tharun Kumar
Address: Kesamudram ,mandal Warangal District
City: Mahabubabad
State: Telangana
Phone: 8897129591
E-Mail: tharun00423@gmail.com
Message: graduation completed
Subjects: i like to take history or public administration as my optional subject

Name: Vinay Kumar G
Address: Shivanagar
City: Warangal
State: Telangana
Phone: 9959977817
E-Mail: vinaykumar.gujja@gmail.com
Message: i did m.tech cse 2014, this is my first attempt i didn''t decide which optionals should take.
Subjects: this is my first attempt i didn't decide

Name: Thirupathi
Address: Hanmakonda
City Warangal
State: Andrapradesh
Phone: 9885070368
E-Mail: tiru.mpharm@gmail.com
Subjects: anthropology,public administration

Name: Nagendrababu
Address: Near Hotel Ratna
City Warangal
State: Andhrapradesh
Phone: 9494557468
E-Mail: nagendrababu.mbbs08@gmail.com
Message: mbbs final year
Subjects: zoology,anthropology

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