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IPL Controversy - Mixing Politics with Sport

Today world is changing with great pace. So is our sports, sports personnel & there sportsmanship. One of the most changed sports is cricket and the main reason for changing cricket is beginning of its new format of fast and furious cricket- 20-20.

This 20-20 cricket is highly influenced by Indian Premier League (IPL). Indian Premier League (IPL) is the Indian form of International T-20 cricket. It is started in 2008 by Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) under the chairmanship of Mr. Lalit Modi. Just as the first auction of players got started in Indian Premier League (IPL), it is being selected in world's one of the most expensive sports league and the most expensive league in the game of Cricket. IPL got second place in the list of world's most expensive sports league.

Through being one of the most innovative form of cricket, it share's the feature of being two sided like coin. One side, which is showing future of cricket while other showing the reality of that future. But its roots are still not the fair and transparent.

Controversy has struck IPL right from its beginning. Finger of people and media was first pointed when it got so much fame and success in so little time. Does this success is from the involvement of big corporate houses and big bureaucrat's in ownership of teams and sponsorship of the league?

Right, from its first session, cases of indulging of players in spot-fixing was started which banned career of several talented buds. Several cases of money laundering has questioned the quality of money being used in the league. In some cases the ownership of the teams is forfeited and in some cases huge fines has been enforced on the teams by Enforcement Directorate(ED).Late night parties has showed some cases of players being indulging in consuming drugs.

Coming on to the second side of the coin, it has become the great platform for budding talents. It is giving equal chance to every player, either he is from village or urban area. It has got appreciation on international level and to carry this appreciation it has to be considered like sports.

Sports must be taken in a way of sports not as the platform of politics. Sports and politics are two different fields and must be taken differently. Both of this are used for betterment of country and this betterment can be done only when these two does not collide with each other.

- Mohit Kumar Tiwari