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Is nationalism above humanism?..

Humanism is a Dictionary word that is treated above considerations. People think in a different mood ,to capture reality .Human way of walking is the achievement for dignity & serenity,.Nationalism is above humanism.For the past 70 years , Minorities including Christianity lost it’ s relevance in culture. But the lost cultural gap is yet studied in Central Universities .This may include Jalandhar Bishop case .Jalandhar Bishop case is a repeated history in India .According to the Dr.Abraham .P.George ,this is a scandal case too. Nationalism includes , Partition burden also.(1947 ). Nationalism is synonym to caste war, loss of life to the incidences of conflict. Our nation is benefiting from the population crisis due to the incoming of Coco –Cola and other Multi National Companies. Our nationalism cross boundaries . Boundaries are autonomous in way of prosperity and Diversity. According to the Diversity Daradigm , prosperity is the main agenda of religious heads and nationalism . Today Religion is not at the benovalence or kindness of the BJP Government. Even minorities benefit from nationalism . Our national hero’s like nationalism .They indeed like pragmatism. Widows below 55 years of age are advised not to marry due to humanism and previous sympathy.

The army ranks are tolerated by Govt. as One rank One pension Scheme. The social approval of Christianity , rests in the essence of Multi –Polar World. In India Diversity includes and coincides with polarized world ,whether multi or political party wise. The crores of politicians are divided on humanism or nationalism ,the byproduct is anarchy . “The National Register of Citizens (NRC ) shall implemented soon for the diversity of the country ”. For the diversity of the nation , people shall be divided on humanism , and the “ benefit of cost “ shall imparted on the Nationalism leaders. The “ Neck-Gain ” in the political crisis ,shall be studied in the different dilemmas as per controversial issues. All Political gains are the side – effect of the script writing , & the scorpion makes the nation a political well set- up nation . All Religious Inter -nationalism speaks of the order of the literature and the nationalism Values in edge . New nations are emerging today for the benefit of the people’s mind and budgetary resourses . Nationalism included Marriages ,both academic background & branded Townships. Today townships are an area of study in Nationalism and the framework for the Local Innovations councils.

Politics is in danger ,and the Democratic thinking in the 21 st century makes people to re-orient their way of humanism to the king maker level. Royal priesthood in minorities (including Christianity and others ) changes or diverts to “Royal priesthood maker “ level. King and the kingmaker both are different . Anyway “ Something is better than Nothing “ . This is an advice to the changing stages of the society. When the Patriarchial form of society alters its position to the “ Western style of Fascism “ , how and why not Communist Parties develop a room for Capitalism . ? Communist leadership is the most relevant leadership pattern in the world . Some people say in advance “ We are the richest people in the World in the next generation “ .May I think in the future that How many of the minorities shall be included in the Billionaire list , next to the University status. University determine the Crorepathi’s . Our Billioner’s are nationalist outward looking.Many people try for the loss of other’s. Nationalism means my native place, humanism means my school & college, and the money is the advance property. Money can be saved in advance , insured as assets in present, & assured as wealth in the future days. Do not remember the past in money values. “ Friends are always friends in front of the society to bypass the realities “.That is humanism and the humanistic approach for nationalism.

A new Patriarchial world is opened before Indian’ s to capture humanism.


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