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Money is Important but IT is Important how we earn IT

Money has become an integral part of one's life. It is the one which separates one from his family, it brings enmity between two siblings, friends and spoils many relations in this world. It's not the man to be blamed but the present era. The basic needs of the man cannot be fulfilled without money.

Education on which the future of the country relies is also a commercial sector in the present scenario. Educational institutes hiking fees have put the common man into worry. In India even elementary education from good schools is becoming very difficult. Many students are removed from schools since their parents couldn't pay the fee. The increased fees of IIMs, IITs are worrying the intelligent students but not with a good financial background. Coaching institutes are just the add-ons to parents worry.

In this competitive world all parents want to provide their child with good education so that he could earn well in future and live a good life.

Increasing rate of grocery items, vegetables, fruits, LPG cylinders and electricity units have spoiled the budget of housewife badly.

Sky rocketed house rates has become a nightmare to common man. The rise in petroleum is add-on to the common man problem. The upcoming budget too didn't provide any relief. The new gadgets, their craze among people and its competition to be superior to all are just adding to expenses. The need of today's generation is also increasing day by day. For people below poverty line three meals a day are also becoming impossible.

Man is working day and night like a machine just to live his life in a good way and to fulfill all his family's need. In the race of success people are adopting wrong means which is not good. Various scandals like 2G scam, CWG scam, illegal properties of many celebrities and people with good positions are just few example of private earning by illegally using your power.

Corruption which is an insidious plague that has a wide range of corrosive effects on the society can only be eliminated with a cumulative effort of people of country.

Cheating one's land and people ultimately degrades the nationality. Money brought from illegal and wrong means is never fruitful. One should never forget their moral values and humanity. Be a role model to your kids and your nation. Even the animal lives that are brainless so make a difference as human are born with brain. Don't be selfish, respect relations and earn with only hard work as respected life is what which is most desirous.

- Pooja Thakur