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Should India, Pakistan and Bangladesh become one country? List advantages and disadvantages..

India, Pakistan and Bangladesh together form the Indian sub-continent. The features that a continent must posses like traits of unison as well as diversity are together prevalent in these three countries of Asia. As a result, in the light of these facts, we can say that one can certainly welcome the idea of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh becoming one country. The whole landmass of these three countries as well as its inhabitants will be benefitted by these union of these three prevalent countries namely India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. If the inhabitants of these three countries can act in unity during British colonial rule and there by end its colonialism, then, there is no reason why these three countries cannot act and unite as a one country at the present times.

At the same time, there is certainly another aspect to this act of acting together which is quite in the negative sense of the term. The socio-economic condition as well as the outlook towards life of the people are quite different now in comparison to the pre-independence times in these three countries. Therefore, there is every possibility that the union of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh may have a negative impact too. Moreover, India is a secular country in spite of having a huge chunk of Hindu population in its demography. On the other hand, Pakistan and Bangladesh are Muslim dominated countries.

Therefore, the social and political conditions of India are quite different from that of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Moreover, we may be back to square one or in other words, we may turn back to the days of partition in the specific terms of communal frenzy by uniting again with Pakistan and Bangladesh. Thus, the gist of the matter is that, while uniting India, Pakistan and Bangladesh we need to have an approach of look before you leap or otherwise the whole act may be a policy of spending the pound to save the penny.

Advantages of India, Pakistan an Bangladesh in becoming one country.

Firstly, at present India is at the centre-stage of world diplomacy. So, India by uniting with Pakistan and Bangladesh may flex their muscles in world diplomacy and thereby enhance its image in the world forum. This will certainly be possible due to the fact of change in the geo-politics of Asia due to the union of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as one country.

Secondly, united Indian sub-continent formed by the union of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will certainly be a land which will had a bounty in terms of naturalresources. Obviously, it will thus be the cynosure of the world MNCs and thereby it will see huge investment and thereby bringing about economic upliftment of its masses in a rapid pace.

Thirdly, it is not only natural resources but also in terms of human resources also it will be benefitted. Indian sub-continents inhabitants are at the epi-centre of brain drain at the present times. Therefore, coupled with economic progress we may certainly be able to start a process of reverse migration in the real sense of the term.

Fourthly, in the Islamic population of Pakistan and Bangladesh, sex-ratio is quite better in comparison to the present India which is mainly due to least loss of female foetus at birth. So, in the present Indian condition where the situation is quite contrary, so, we the erstwhile Indians of these new nation can learn a lesson regarding bettering sex ratio from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Last but not the least, such a huge land mass that India, Pakistan and Bangladesh occupy together therefore by being united its diversity in its cultural traits as well as its pluralism will be a lesson to emulate for the rest of the world. In this way, this new country of Asia, may in the long run may be termed as the cultural capital of the world.

Disadvantages of India, Pakistan an Bangladesh in becoming one country.

Firstly, Pakistan is the hot-bed of global terrorism. With Pakistan, India and Bangladesh being one country so in this way the whole landmass of these presently three countries, there is every possibility, that, it may turn out to be the global terrorism capital in the times to come.

Secondly, India’s outlook towards the whole world is that of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ that is ‘the whole world is one family’. This concept is welcome provided there is less anarchy and more peace in this huge landmass. This may be considered as a pipedream looking at the prevailing situation in Pakistan.

Thirdly, infiltration across the border both from Pakistan and Bangladesh is at present an issue for India. By opening the border and uniting with Pakistan and Bangladesh, we may bring more trouble as far as demographic composition and the scenario of India along with Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Fourthly, The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 has caused a huge turmoil in the minds of the North-east Indian people in particular and that of Indians as a whole in general at the present times. So, by uniting the three countries as one we may add fuel to the fire to such issues.

Last but not the least, the agony, hardship and the anarchy associated with the partition of India with Pakistan as well as between Pakistan and Bangladesh is quite an issue in these landmasses. The unison of India with Pakistan and Bangladesh I believe cannot wipe it off. This may certainly in the long run may act as a deterrent in the unity and integrity of this newly formed united country of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

As a whole, the concept of uniting India with Pakistan and Bangladesh is a step which is full of thorns and thorns in our way of implementing the same. So, we must think and re-think before approaching to implement the same. Otherwise, we will be a victim of short sightedness. In other words, history will never forgive us in this regard. We need to take a cautious and serious approach in our efforts of uniting the three countries of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.