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UPSC Civil Services Corrigendum closes the debate

The long awaited change in the pattern of Civil Services (Main) Exam had finally come into force and the recent withdrawal of English as a compulsory paper closes the ambiguity over the pattern. The recent change introduced by the Union Public Service Commission is certainly a welcome move which is designed to test the real ability of the candidates.

When UPSC introduced a compulsory paper in English and decided to consider the marks secured in the paper for ranking, it only created woes and uproars, rather than getting into deeper insights of the commission's decision. To put it in simple words, there were only reactions. People in such situations are expected to respond rather than react and that entirely off the context.

India is a developing country and is seeing tremendous improvements in various areas. The status of the country in the International scenario is surging high and now we are in a position to perform in a certain degree and not finding reasons. The proposed changes in the pattern of the examination are a perceptible step towards taking Indian bureaucracy to International standards. The reflection of the decision of the commission and the charges against the commission terming the body "language biased" is something unfortunate.

It is high time to recognize and identify that time has come for Indians to step out of the comfort zone and work towards better administrative machinery.

The changes may to a larger extent affect the students from rural areas and the case may be even worse in the case of people attempting for the last time.

However, one crucial and stubborn decision becomes the need of the hour in taking India to a better position. After the uproar in the parliament and strong sentiments of the people in various parts of the country, UPSC, however, published a corrigendum concerning the same.

The corrigendum restoring the language papers and withdrawing the compulsory marking system for English can be considered only as a temporary solace.

It is imperative to deal with things in a long term and only that could prove beneficial. Mother tongue of a person certainly has its own significance, but what people of India often forget is that English is our official language.

If the decision of the commission to implement English as a compulsory paper had been implemented, it could have paved way for many other things.

We strive towards excellence only by facing the odds and the move would have in a way encouraged everyone to learn English and become proficient in the language.

Everyone knows to express well in their mother tongue and expertise in mother tongue would certainly not satisfy the problems in the international scene.

The primary motive of a civil servant should be to drive the country towards excellence and as a step towards it such hues and cries for a change in pattern should be deemed unnecessary.

When a person is not able to adjust even with a simple pattern change in examination how will he adapt to the changes he/she is going to face as a civil servant? And is there anyone who answers this question? UPSC can be blamed only for one reason: for introducing the pattern change late and to have made the announcement late. The debate on language papers stands closed for now, but take a look and think deep, one will always find UPSC was right.

- Sowmiya. R. Prasad